The Shack is Back


The Shack is Back!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. TMS has moved around the country. New Mexico. Alaska. And now South Carolina. We’ve been though forest and prairie fires in the south west. Earthquakes in Alaska. And our first hurricane here in SC. We were planning on letting this just sit on the side and focus on a couple of other projects. Well with Washington getting more heavy handed. The election looking like a cluster grope of biblical proportions. And now this nifty little virus that has started in China and is spreading. Personally right now, I think we are fairly safe here in the US for a variety of reasons. Namely we have much better diets, health care and over all health that most of the world. We just need to keep it that way.

My lovely wife told me to get The Medic Shack back up and running.
So being a man who listens to his wife, (She did tell me we needed another rifle and more ammunition and more medical supplies) I am doing what she said. I’m a good husband!​_

We are living in Summerville South Carolina. So classes will be in the Charleston area. We will be doing small 6-10 person classes in our home in Summerville. As things progress we may move to a dedicated class room area. We do plan on getting more herbal based courses that tie into our trauma courses. Christine and I have come to the decision that we need to teach more sustainable medicine. Medicine that will work if the world is taken over by zombies or you lose your health insurance.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring. We plan on doing a more rounded course curriculum. Our huge 3 day course will be shelved in favor of smaller more affordable blocks of instruction. And taking advantage of much better Internet that we had in Alaska, more on line classes and webinars. . Some will be in partnership with Cat Ellis and her Herbal Prepper Program. Some will be ours alone. I am working with my wife in setting up and on line and in home herb store with herbs pre-packed for uses with different issues. That all depends on what we find from the FDA in labeling. They are sticklers in that! We plan on getting the new classes written and webinars written and recorded and get them published ASAP. We’ll send out the links once I get them done.
Visit us on our website,, on Facebook at And on Twitter @MedicShack. Instagram is coming soon!

I want to thank each of you that have stuck it out with us over all these years. I plan on building The Medic Shack bigger better and more informative. We have a lot of work to do and it is time to buckle down and DO IT!

Chuck Hudson
Summerville, SC
9 February 2020

The cover image is Downtown Summerville from the Summerville town website.

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