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A lot of the time I write about how to do this or how to store that. What medicine and or herb will treat this or that. This week I am going to let the inner hippie out of me.

One aspect of herbal medicine that is lacking from western or modern medicine. So a little back story here. For the last 17 years I worked on the Heart Hospital. I saw and worked on thousands of heart attacks. Major, Minor and OH MY GODS type of heart attacks. One thing I saw that confirmed my theory of the mind plays a HUGE roll in our health. I saw folks come in with what we called Full Totaled arteries. Meaning that the vessel was completely blocked. Some that had 2 blocked. BAD BAD MI’s. These people should have never made it to my table much less to the rescue squad. They came in and looked me in the eyes and said “ I am not dying today.”  A lot told me that “God is not ready for me”  And even some that recognized a tattoo I have, told me that another “god” told them it was not time.  These people by all rights should be dead. And they walked out of the hospital.

Then there are the ones that have a minor MI. The fluoro image shows a tiny distal artery blocked. The ventricular function is normal.

And they died.

Rarely on my table, but they died. They came in and told us or convinced themselves that this was the time and that they would die. And they did.

So what does this have to do with me letting my inner hippie out?


We live in a world of 24-7 news and information. We have immersed ourselves in having to know right now what is going on. We take it to the Nth degree and we allow it to control us and force us into its image.

And we are suffering as individuals and as a people.

Using that hard earned knowledge I have formed my own opinion. Now once again. Also remember I am not a doctor and can not diagnose illness and or prescribe treatment.  

Medicine no matter if it is prescribed by a MD, DO NP or PA, or a herbalist ND etc that is working with you on an issue. IT WILL NOT WORK IF THE MIND IS NOT RIGHT.

It won’t work if you do not believe in it. Now this is not meant to brainwash you all. It’s made to say, “We have to get our minds right before we get our bodies right” I am going to use a person I know as an example. A lot of time and yes money has been spent on showing that herbal medicine. One of my standbys for upset stomach and most digestive issues is Mint and Ginger tea. Or plain peppermint tea. My youngest LIVES on the stuff all winter. It keeps him in school. This other person who knows and sees what it does for my son when they take it does nothing at all. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Why? Because its a plant that I mixed up in the kitchen.
I printed out and handed them this article from Medical News Today. Mint. Health Benefits and Risks . After reading the article and others like it then mint and ginger started to work when she got an upset stomach and without the digestive side effects of eating a bunch of antacid tablets

So what can we do to get our minds right?

My Rx.

  1. Turn off the tv and social media. Well not all the way but let’s turn it down at least.
  2. If you’re able to at least once a week sit outside and build a small fire. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outdoors with nothing but the soothing noise of the fire and conversation. A cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or something stronger is nice also.6879_10208681422053149_2289658924086362991_n

I have a friend who was cursed with bad cardiac genes. And one of his treatments is to sit outside with his dogs in front of his fire pit. And his cardiac health improving.




  1. Take your shoes off. Get your feet dirty. Walk in the woods or your yard barefoot. No I am  not taking any responsibility over goatheads,  stickers,  thorns or anything of the sort!
  2. As above walk in the woods. Or the desert Or the beach or a city park, Get outside and feel nature.






  1. Get to know your faith. Notice I did not say “Get right with God” Two totally different things. By getting to know your faith, I mean to find comfort in it. Read the passages that talk about love and life. Find those pieces and make them part of your daily life. Almost all faiths have their dark side. Yes its part of the bigger picture of all peopled faith. But it doesn’t need to be the part you live by.
  2. Food is medicine. For years you all have heard Cat Ellis The Herbal Prepper and I talk about that exact thing. Good food is healthy for you and is also good medicine.




My personal feeling on that is ALL GOOD FOOD is good for you.

There is no one sacred diet that works for all. Good Food is Good Food. That being said, sometimes it’s very comforting to have that bowl of Blue Bunny Cherry Chocolate Jubilee or a big ol Hershey bar.

  1. Turn off the electronics, grab a real book and lean up against a tree.


8.Hug your family and friends. Tell them you love them.

Friends hugging in rural landscape

  1. Sing and Dance. Just do it on your own. Especially if you sing like me. Music goes from A to G.  I sing in L.
  2. Take your spouse, your best friend, you children by the hand and just walk with them.


Yup this is my wife and I








This is by no means and end all be all list. It’s meant to get folks to think about what is important and a huge part of healthcare is taking care of yourself.

The Medic Shack Herbal First Aid Kits are here. I’ve got the bottle issue sorted out for the glycerites and tinctures. So NO MORE LEAKS!!!! The last bit of testing is done.  I vacuum sealed them and placed the package in my sons backpack. He couldn’t make em leak so I feel the USPS won’t either. The replacement bottles will be going out this week. I had to make a change in the packaging with an anti tamper seal. An attorney friend suggested it .

The Holidays are coming and these are GREAT items to give to those you care about.

TMS Herbal First Aid Kits

Hot Packs.  The TMS Hot pack hand made by my wife Christine are another great holiday gift. There is nothing better than a warm hot pack against cold and stiff muscles. We ran out of the dyes we use for the packs but the new batch will be in this week and Christine will be getting the orders out!

TMS Hot Pack

We are working to secure a new teaching area for our classes. I am working to put together a new wound care class before the holidays.


Cope Reynolds and I are working on a new style class. A 2 day class on firearms training and trauma first aid. We are still working on the details but hope to have this up and running by the first of the year.

I started last week on a new adventure and career. I work for the NM Lions Eyebank, as a Cornea Recovery Technician. I have made it a point for many many years that as long as I am in medicine I will make a difference in people’s lives. This job fits that promise. When someone experiences the worst loss imaginable, that person who has passed on has the power to make someone see again. Consider being an organ donor. Give the ultimate gift of life to someone.


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