Basics of Herbal Medicine WEBINAR

Hey Folks. With the country and the world going batshi……..bat poop crazy over Covid19 , we have been as busy as a cat covering poop on a tile floor. I have some irons in the fire, and one of them was a local class on the basics of herbal medicine. This was going to be at our house in Summerville SC. We can do up to 6 or so folks at a time. Well with this virus and everything all Topsy turvey, we’re going to do it on line over a few days.
This will be a live webinar, with a study guide and suggested equipment. This is not a herbal certification course like my bud Cat Ellis teaches. This is a get your feet wet on making tinctures, tisanes and  decoctions, What you should treat and what should be left to the pros. Going to do a tentative start date of the weekend of the 28th of March. We can knock this our in 2 or 3 weekends. I’ll take as long as needed to make sure everyone’s questions are answered.

We haven’t worked out the cost for the class, but it will be a lot less expensive than the in person one would be. Hope to see you folks there!

This may be the safest way to have classes. Until we get a handle on the bug. I’ll have more details and a sign up page up asap!
Thanks folks!
Chuck and Christine Hudson

You can preregister here for the class

The Basics of Herbal Medicine WEBINAR

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