What do we do to work with or around the FDA?

What do we do to work with or around the FDA?

This show is not a show on how to break the law. But a show on illumination of how to work with the law and how to try to fight against it. No fancy or funny images. No quip sayings. Just hard information

First lets talk about what the FDA is supposed to do. To protect the American public from bad drugs, bad food and the influence of outside money in the sale of our three.

And it is well known about my thoughts of the FDA. And as I like to say Every drug approved By the FDA has killed people and is on the TV commercial 1-800-BAD DRUG.

IT is, in my opinion a huge bureaucracy that is infested by big money big Pharma and is directed by the same. So first the failings of the FDA.

Lets first talk about “Robin of River County Soapworks makes handmade soap and other bodycare products, like lotion, lip balm, and lotion bars. She had done her best to research and comply with all applicable regulations on her own, using the FDA as a resource and following closely along with Marie Gale’s book, Soap & Cosmetic Labeling. Her labels on her products were completely up to spec, thanks to all that hard work.” (Why No One is Too Small to Follow the Labeling Rules & Cosmetics Regulation)

One day a knock on her door comes and and she finds an FDA inspector. She was not reported. Repeat NOT REPORTED. The FDA has a team the scours websites and checks for infractions of the law. They saw an error in her advertising. She had mentioned that both tea tree and lavender essential oil had antibacterial properties. The inspector drove two and a half hours from Tacoma, Washington to conduct the inspection at Robin’s studio on these two errors alone. She had to become compliant with the law. Cages on the light fixtures, nothing stored on the floor etc. And once she spends the thousands of dollars to become compliant she is now subject to inspection annually with out notice. Sound familiar? Ever held an FFL? But wait an FFL is for GUNS. Not soap. Well the same exact record record keeping accountability of who you sold to and what is the same. You are now in the “gun sights” of the FDA

Now lets talk about the real dangerous characters out to poison you. The dregs of the sociiety that have evil in their hearts and no care for your well being.

The small farmer.

A cartel so dangerous the FDA can not endanger its agents in a knock on the door, and conversation over coffee and a kitchen table.

SWAT is needed. Helicopters, automatic weapons and body armor. No they are not cooking Meth or making heroin. Its raw, unpasteurized milk, just as it comes out of a cow.

Gods damn Amish terrorists selling milk! First lets talk a bit about pasteurization. Pasteurization is a process of heating the milk to kill bacteria, including dangerous strains of salmonella and listeria.

And people die every year over these bugs. We talked about those guys a few weeks ago on an episode When Food Fights Back. What causes these bacterial infections is poor cleanliness. Cow poo in the milk buckets. Dirty milk jars just being a filthy bugger. And also sick cows. And goats. This story got a lot of mileage, Cryptoporidia sickens kids in Idaho. Cryptosporidia is a parasite in water that is contaminated with feces. See poor practice above.

Our friend and co host Cat Ellis (The Herbal Prepper) is attempting to get a class under her belt called GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). It is designed to help you have good manufacturing of your products and the records you need to keep. We do stay with in the law.

Now a good time that the FDA has done what it supposed to do was in 2014 when Natural Solutions FoundationYoung Living, and dōTERRA International LLC through its sales reps implied that their oils Treat, cure or prevent the deadly Ebola virus. The FDA stepped and fined them and ordered them to stop advertising that false claim. That is what the FDA is SUPPOSED to do. Stop the “snake oil” sellers from peddling harmful dangerous or useless products. http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/2014/ucm415809.htm

How does the small time herbalist, soap maker and organic farmer stay in compliance with the myrid of laws, rules regulations and red tape?

If you know call me!

Seriously there are classes and books written to help you learn to navigate the dangerous waters of the FDA.

And you can just quit.

Yup you can just quit. Throw your hands up in the air and give up.

Or you can say “Enough is enough”

It’s your choice.


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