We’re coming back!

We’ve been down for a while. Life work and a bunch of other things got in the way. Well to hell with that! Over the next couple of weeks I will be re doing TMS’s Facebook page, Mewe page and the main page. The news letters will be back and new topics explored and old ones re visited. We’ll be going away from as many on site classes to a more webinar based approach. I can teach more people more things for a lot lower cost to both of us! As I find the most affordable software for hosting webinars and for the weekly live Q&A sessions I’ll get them posted. For now folks send in what type of training YOU want. I have some ideas. And after working with and taking a few from my friend Cat Ellis, The Herbal Prepper (https://www.herbalprepper.com) and talking with Daisy Ell,  the Organic Prepper (https://www.theorganicprepper.com) I think the future of learning is going to be a combo of online and in person. So stay tuned and hang on tight! We are getting on a wild ride!!!

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