This past year at The Medic Shack

This year has been an eventful one. With so many things that have changed in regular and prepper medicine its been a whirlwind of activity. Now add in the unstable nature of the world. ISIS, the Mid East, Russia. And yes the United States. The economic partial meltdowns. The multiple Immigration problems we have had with the flood across the border to New Mexico Texas and Arizona. The extreme weather we have had. The snow in Boston not fully melting until July. the record breaking flooding in the Carolina’s, the drought in the west and pacific north west. The huge influx of “new” diseases Chikumgunya Virus ,Powassan Virus Disease, St. Louis Encephalitis Virus Disease, Undetermined Human Ehrlichiosis/Anaplasmosis ,Lyme disease, Tuberculosis just to name a few. The increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria continues to rise and now with companies sending chicken and pork to be slaughtered there the spread is growing

We have watched while our borders where flooded and new and old diseases crossed in. We have watched as out pharmacological industry is in a perpetual state of shortages. We have watched as our healthcare industry was strangled and people were first fined for ot having enough or losing their insurance.

But all was not Doom and Gloom. We have updated our way of teaching. We (Cat and I) have made new advances in our respected fields and where we cross over each other. The learning process never ends. Cat has published two books and together we are working on webinars to make survival medicine affordable for all

TMS has plans to produce videos this year and our first is already past planning and ready to be shot.

We have new shows being planned. And this year we really start to delve in to the realm of survival pediatric medicine and survival veterinary medicine. Those topics are vital to having the whole family survive anything tossed at them.

The Medic Shack is a constantly evolving entity. By being static we we are doomed to failure. And in survival failure is the same as dying. We are changing the way we teach. Joining with other survival and weapons experts to bring the knowledge to more people at an affordable cost.

But the greatest thing this year, outside of our family accomplishments is our listeners. With out you all we would not be here. And we thank you all and really appreciate each one of you.

This week 20 December we will not be on the air. And Christmas weekend we will again be off.

We at the Medic Shack wish all our listeners a very Happy Yuletide Merry Christmas and even tho its late a Happy Hanukkah

Cat, Chuck and Jacob

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