State of The Shack

Well folks its been fun. But I am considering shutting down the Shack. With the atmosphere that we are having and the general state of the fabulous economy. Plus the fact that clients that I have had have said And I quote” Things are getting better and we can spend money on other things that we had to for go because of the end of the Obama Administration. I have a few more news letters lot get out and then after talking again with my beautiful wife we’ll make a final decision on this. So Stay tuned for some new newsletters!!!
Chuck Hudson
The Medic Shack
  1. Cope Reynolds

    I hope you don’t shut it down completely. I have gone through the same thing with my classes but it always cones back.
    This is a vital service, we just need to make more people aware of it.

  2. Renee Evans

    Just found your site, we are neighbors, hope we can get in touch with each other. Looking forward to getting a HAM and looking to get more serious about finding more preppers to help build our “prepper community” in this area.

    Times may be getting better but we don’t “walk by sight” .. What you have to offer is needed for everyday life, camping as well as SHTF time. Maybe you need to network a bit more on the internet? Wished I had found you sooner.

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