The SHTF Medical Clinic Part 1 WTF Am I thinking??

The SHTF Medical Clinic Part 1 WTF Am I thinking??


SHTF is a scary item. It can mean any thing from a storm to a tyrannical government to zombie apocalypse. To losing your job. Setting up and staffing a clinic can literally be a life saver

Also if one looks at the state of health care in the US it could be classified as SHTF. Insurance companies are dropping out of the affordable health care act, and leaving people with no coverage AND a fine to pay to the government. This week and for the next 3 to 4 we’ll talk about setting up, staffing running and PROTECTING a field medical clinic.

First let’s talk about what you want out of the clinic. Setting up a full MASH is almost impossible, even if we wanted to, the logistics are astronomical. Setting up a surgical procedures area is very difficult also. The sterile environment needed to ensure no infections means total control of the airflow in and out of the suite. But it is an option to do. Especially if your group is lucky enough to have a full doctor and not a worn out Combat medic.

This is a working list and is subject to change.

1. Location, and 2 Security.

These are hand in hand. You have to pick a location that is defensible. Yes defensible. From my experience in a SHTF in the late 20th century, Bosnia, top target occupations for dirt bags was Medical personnel, Educators and skilled crafts folk. IE those that could work with out modern utilities. Medical and craftsman are obvious. Why educators? Stop education and insert your own and you gain more control. Also your location needs to take in account accessibility, lighting, wind patterns, drainage natural shelter and temperature control.

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The rest of the list is in random order.

2. Secure and controlled storage. This is vital to be able to safeguard precious modern drugs, herbal preparations general medical supplies surgical instruments.

3. Clinic construction. Is this going to be a permanent clinic or a mobile clinic. Setting up in a series of interconnected tents, a house school cave.

4. Environmental concerns. By this I mean waste disposal. Bio hazard materials, toilet waste items like this. Contaminated clothing. You have to dispose of them properly to prevent sickness from spreading. 4a. Decontamination.

5. Isolation and privacy. Patient isolation is vital. You can not have people sharing their illnesses. Also you need privacy to exam and treat your patient.

6. Staffing. If you are taking care of more than a couple of people it is almost impossible to do everything in a field clinic. Especially if you use herbal remedies. You will need to have people to Triage, to keep notes on patients, to handle the storage and rotation of medicines. A person in charge of cleaning and disposal of the waste. People to handle the growing and processing of herbal meds.

This sounds like a lot of people and realistically a lot of then tasks can be teamed with others. Running a clinic is much more than pitching a tent and hanging up a sign.

7. Services the clinic offers. What can you offer your patients? Besides the normal clinic services. Minor surgical, pediatric, Xray ( if you can find a portable machine and have plates GET IT! ) Laboratory. ( I am actually putting together a Ditch Medicine Laboratory course. There is a LOT you can do in that field) . DO. Not. Offer. Anything. You. Do. Not. Know. How. To. Do. Well patient care. Do you or will you have access to them items that chronic patients need. Insulin, Blood pressure medication, birth control, Blood thinners items of that sort.

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8. Payment. This is a hard one. But your lead Medic and a certain number of people working at the clinic are not going to have the time to devote to their and their families daily needs. Prior to the modern Era, (post 19th century) the village healer took care of the village and the village cared for them.

There is a LOT to consider in putting together a medical clinic PSHTF. The listing in this news letter does not even scratch the surface. In the coming weeks we will go into detail on the different sections of the list and expand on them.







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Wound Care 

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