Prepping and The TSA.

Prepping and The TSA.


Being a prepper is a lot of blood sweat and tears. We work to make sure our families (and yes ourselves) are taken cared of in the event of SHTF. But what about those of us who fly?. My new job has me ALL over the country. From Alaska to Florida California to Texas. And the TSA is NOT your typical .gov agency. They have direct and immediate power of your life that not even the FBI or BATFE has. So what is the prepared prepper supposed to do? I DO not want to be stuck in BF Nebraska, SHTF and I have NOTHING with me. And my trusty G21, Kershaw folder and my BOB are back at home safe and sound, and well, needless to say TSA is not fond of most of whats in there.
So lets break things down in to category’s. Checked and Carry on bags.

Checked bags

I check a bag when ever I fly, Why? Because I can put the majority of my BOB (within reason) into it. Now of course I need to pack my clothes and stuff for work, but I also pack 2 of my tactical pants and 2 shirts 4 pair of socks 4 pair 2 pair of underwear and a light jacket. That’s the clothes. To make the spacer go as far as possible I vacuum seal the clothes. This makes the bulk about 60% less. Of course pocket knife, folder and fixed blade. And I also have my tomahawk. This is not a to go list. I am just including little examples of what I carry. At wal-mart in the shampoo aisle they have this prepacked toiletry kit for 4.97 its sealed in a plastic bag. This goes into my BOB at all times. Being clean is the #1 defense against disease.

But the main reason I check a bag is for bringing a firearm. Yup everywhere my company sends me I take a gun. Now I do not trust the airlines nor TSA. But when you have a firearm declared in your luggage, lets say they take SPECIAL care of NOT losing it. And that being said my friend in Alaska declared a M9 Berreta. And his bag was lost somewhere between Pittsburgh and Anchorage. Let me tell you the search for that bag was on par as if they lost the nuclear football. He had calls almost hourly updating him on the search. His bag was found with in 8 hours. Someone sent it to Atlanta instead of Anchorage. (Hey they both start with an “A”. A federal agent hand delivered his bag to his hand. And after checking ID apologised for the mess and left.

But back to the checking a firearm. To me its a tool. Not a super weapon nor something to bolster my manhood. An added tool in the toolbox. Now I am NOT going to carry my Glock 22, 21 or 19. Nor my 1911 or 1858 Remington. And I know I am going to get some laughs. But my airline firearm is a Hipoint 9mm. Yes a Hipoint 9mm. You know the gun that looks like the hybred abortion of a Glock that mated with a Type 2 Original Series Star Trek Phaser? That ugly bulky hideous uncomfortable piece of steel and polymer. That gun that makes week old dog vomit look good. Did I say ugly?
Why you ask would I, a man of refined taste and worldly knowledge admit to having a Hipoint?

1. It cost me new $155.99
2. It only holds 10 rounds so that makes it legal almost anywhere I am sent to. That is with the “High Capacity Magazine. Standard is 8 rounds.
3. If TSA or the Airlines lose it I am not out my “good” gun.
4. It’s a WHOLE lot better than throwing rocks.
A revolver probably would be a better choice for an airline gun. Revolvers are not evil, ugly and black, But the cheapest revolver is 100 bucks more than a Hipoint. And I already had the Hipoint.
Nunya. 🙂
That and a sealed box of 9mm FMJ is in a locked box in my bag, Some Airlines,  like Southwest checked bags are free. Delta its 25 bucks. To me its WORTH IT. Because I have better than a 95% chance of being armed IF SHTF happens and I am miles from home. And don’t forget a holster for it!

Carry on bags.
I was carrying a computer bag as my carry on, I quit and now carry a decent quality backpack

1 I fit in with all the hipsters with my bag.
2 It carries my computer . And it carries some basic Bug out gear (better known as EDC Every Day Carry) and it fits under the seat in front of me. This bag is ALWAYS with me.

In this bag is:

1 Baofeng UV82 radio Before each trip I program my radio to the repeaters in the area I am going to be in. ALSO KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM IT BY HAND.

1 spare battery

1 17” antenna

Throat mic.


Filter straw.

75 feet of paracord (550) This is one a paracord bracelet. Easy to carry, our of the way and looks GOOD!

Cash Money. I keep $100 in bills and coin I also keep about 5 bucks in silver coin. Why 20 times less dollar amount of Silver? Silver will buy a lot more SHTF than a FRN.

Lighter BIC Brand (tinder can be made out of gauze and Chapstick in a pinch) with zip tie around button

Tactical flashlight A carry pouch is nice to tether onto equipment so that you don’t lose it, and so that you can easily pull it out of your bag. Walmart has CRAP for flashlights. I DO not like taking my $100 + Streamight. Look at tractor supply They have a GREAT tactical flashlight that is cheap 22 bucks. Bright 400 lumens. Water proof. Now it takes rechargeable batteries. But I found out that the batteries sold at Vape Shops for those Box Mods fit it perfectly and they are better quality than the one that comes with it. And Vape stores are ALL over now. I chose this for the same reason I choose the Hipoint. It works and if it gets lost I am not out a bunch of cash

Jobsmart Tactical Light







Spare batteries with the terminals taped off with electrical tape.
Signal Mirror Polycarbonate mirrors are lighter weight and won’t break with rough handling, but they don’t last as long as their glass counterparts, nor do they transmit as much light from the sun.
Signal Whistle,
Two space blankets,
TSA-approved multitool, such as the PS From Leatherman,
Two (2) Nalgene bottles with duct tape (or gorilla tape) and paracord loop,
Water Purifivation tablets,
Army Canteen cup,
50 Survival Tabs. Sealed in 5 tab rolls. If you have never heard of Survival Tabs you really need to get some. Talk to my bud Cope Reynolds at Southwest Shooting Authority

High energy foods. I pack a few granola bars, M&MS, trail mix, pack of chicken ramen. Now you see the need for the canteen cup above! Also you can boil water in it, make a herbal wound wash tea in it.

A few tubes of powdered energy drink mix and Gatorade
3 pairs of socks and 2 of underwear. A long sleeve light weight shirt. Those Wrangler fishing shirts ar walmart. They are cut large they are water repellent. And you can take 1 of your space blankets cut it to fit and tape it inside of the shirt for a light jacket of the conditions warrant it. Plus a long sleeve shirt will protect you from bites scratches and the sun.

Field Trauma Kit, including athletic tape, This is different than medical tape. 4x4s Israeli bandage a RATT tourniquet . Yes I preach the goodness of the CAT and the SOF-T tourniquet But the RATT is cheaper AND takes the least amount of room 10 Plastic Bandages 3 each Gauze Pads 2×2 and 4×4 Alcohol Wipes 2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packettes. 1 roll Tape 1 inch 25 yards 2 Butterfly Bandages- 2 pair gloves 1 3” wide rolled gauze bandage (Kerlex) 1 tube of Locktite GEL superglue. Stubby trauma shears, WHOA Did he say Trauma Shears???? Why yes he did. Lets review the rules Via the TSA Webpage (Link is below) Being a person who uses and teaches herbal medicine, I also have 1 ounce tins of my own salves for burns sore muscles and antibacterial.  And a couple of 30 ml bottles of pain relief, Willow bark and Devils claw Glycerite and a upset stomach on of Mint and Mesquite glycerite.  Do. Not. Take Tincutres through TSA. This is all contained in a pouch that attaches to my belt. On the outside of my pouch is my business card. That way right off the bat they know why I have all this stuff. Now one more thing. I have one of those flat rate envelopes with me. Pre Paid and pre addressed to my home. Why? because the final say so on what you can take on the airplane rests with the moro……… person inspecting your underwear.

This is MY it that clips to my belt or my backpack Most is vacuum sealed to cut down on bulk. One thing that is not shown is my little medicine contaioner. One of those that is labelded by day of the week. Each one has a few tablets of different OTC meds. IE Benadyrl, Imodium Tyelnol Ibuprofin No Doze, OTC Zantac and cold tablets






If packed in carry-on, they must be less than 4 inches from the pivot point.
Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.
TSA What Can I bring List

This seems like a LOT of gear. And it is With my computer and needed office supplies this bags weighs in at about 16 pounds. But if in the unlikely event of a airplane crash my luggage is lost and SHTF I have enough equipment to keep myself alive and find a spot to hole up and make a plan to get home. Also you will NEVER see me fly in shorts flip flops and a t shirt. I wear my Magnum lightweight boots Tactical pans (pressed and professional looking) and a 5-11 or equivalent shirt I actually like the Tru Spec brand better They do not look as tactical. If gods forbid your plane goes down how good are you going to be dressed in sweat pants and slippers. Yes its a pain in the ass to take off your boots belt and all that crap. But when the chips are down you are not only prepared with equipment but dressed to survive what ever the world or TSA throws at you.

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