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I’m Chuck. I am an Electrophysiology Tech a past EMT P, A old combat medic,  emergency medicine instructor, wildnerness survival instructor, Firearm instructor, prepper, scoutmaster and dad. I have been in the medical field since 1982. I’ve seen the ravages that bullets will do to a body, and what sickness will do with out the proper training and medications. Currently I am watching how our medical system has been brought to it’s knees by greed and stupidity. I am not a doctor, and cant give medical advice or diagnose. But I can show you how you can take care of yourself, friends and family.

I’m Cat, and I’m a practicing herbalist and a prepper. My love of herbs began in the late 1990′s with simple cold and flu remedies and grew into a full herbal practice, including workshops and private clients. My herbal practice leans heavily on Western Traditional Herabalism (European and American herbal traditions). I’m not a doctor. I cannot diagnose or give medical advice. I am an herbalist, midwifery student, and massage therapist who recognizes the potential for emergencies where people are cut off from modern facilities, pharmacies may have nothing but empty shelves, and help is just not coming. I also see herbal medicine as a viable and vitally important backup during such times. It is my goal to train as many herbalists to serve their communities as possible. (Webmaster note. Be sure to visit Cats page at www.herbalprepper.com)


This is my (Chuck’s) son Jake. Jake is my producer and asstaint instructor. Jake is a Boy Scout, And an istructor in first aid  for the scouts and is my assistant . Folks may ask what a 16 year old is doing teaching combat first aid? Well he is good at it. He can start an IV, splint a broken bone, dress a wound and stitch up a gash with the best, he is also a JROTC Cadet with the rank of Cadet 1sgt and an active member of the Edgewood/Santa Fe Countu fire dept.

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