NEW Wilderness Medic Class


Wilderness/Disaster Medic Class.

August 12th to Monday August 15 At the Eagles Lodge in Bethany Missouri

This is a 4 day 30 hour study and hands on intensive course that teaches you the basics of what to do. SHTF. A loved one has been badly injured. Help is hours or days away. Or none is coming at all. If you do nothing they WILL die. The Wilderness is a large area. It can mean the far backwoods or downtown Seattle. Disasters know no borders. This class will start you off with the skills you need to save a life during an emergency. To use what you have in your bag, the enviroment and your witts and knowledge to save a life, AND to keep them alive.

Remember. We are not doctors. We are not prescribing treatment nor diagnosing problems or illness. But when the chips are down you will need the knowledge to help your fellow man or a loved one.

We not so much renamed the BMC to Wilderness Disaster Medic as did some minor changs to make it a more long term care vs a right now tactical class. Both classes  will incorperate aspects of both. The only true differeance is the care under fire portion is removed and a bit more medical management using herbs is included.  Advanced sign up is mandatory please. This is the first time we have done a class east of the NM border and we are EXCITED!!! Sign up early to make sure you get a seat. This is limited to a MAX of 15 people

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