Combo Class in Edgewood NM

A few months ago I got a lot of grief because President Trump was elected and there was no need to prep or take emergency medicine or prepping classes.
With all the uncertainty in the world it’s time that we get back to teaching folks how to care for themselves.

September 2nd and 3rd in Edgewood NM This will be a hybrid class of two basic classes combined into one class. The Basic Herbal first aid class and the Basic Wound Care class. Also there will be a section on Nuclear Biological and Chemical defense.

It is a prerequisite for the class to have a basic understanding of first aid. for this class.

Day 1 Basic Herbal First Aid:

• Herbal theory
• Introduction to making Tinctures and Herbal teas
• Colloidal silver
• Pain control
• Herbal clot accelerators,
• Bites, burns and Skin irritations
• Respiratory and Allergens



And Day 2 Basic Wound Care
• Cleaning puncture and lacerations
• Different solutions used to clean a wound
• irrigation and removal of all foreign material
• Using Steri Strips and bandages
• Using staples, glue and sutures to close with.
• How to establish and maintain a sterile field
And Much More!
In this 8 hour course we will bring the knowledge of how to clean and debride a wound prior to closing. We’ll go over the different solutions used for irrigation, to include herbal wound washes.
We’ll also discuss, demonstrate and have you practice the 4 main methods of closing a wound. Bandage/Butterfly. Glue, Staples and of course Suture/


If purchased separately these classes are $350.00.  For this class and since times for folks are hard I’m doing it for $150.00. So sign up soon its limited seating.







Combo Class $150.00

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Deposit for the Class 25% = $37.50
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Whoops almost forgot. We’ll have an hour or two discussion on NBC Defense. Its not as hard as folks think

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