8-6-2015 Special Addition SAFETY UPDATE

We rarely put out 2 tips in one week. But when a reader points out something we over looked we fix it. Now!When we did our bit on water distillation I forgot one very important safety item. Actually a few that that tie into on safety issue
First before using a pressure cooker always inspect it. Look for cracks in the metal, insure the gaskets are soft and pliable. Make sure the pressure relief is functioning correctly. Make sure the locks are functioning correctly.
Next in a survival situation your heat source may not be “even heat” And it says on all instructions not to can or use a PC on outdoor heat sources. A fire. When using over a campfire or coals. make sure to keep the heat as even as possible and use coals instead of open fire to heat it with. Also move your coals so that you can regulate the heat by moving the cooker. 
Make sure you check the Vent pipe, where the weight or pressure gauge is attached and the tubing for blockages. The best way to prevent blockages in the tubing is to “preclean” the water by filtering through cloth and then charcoal. Don’t over heat the cooker and cause the gaskets to melt. Its easy to do on a camp fire or coals. Lastly never ever open a Pressure Cooker until the Air vent drops down to the lid.
Remember in a survival situation we have enough problems with out adding to it by being careless. 

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