8-11-2015 Colloidal Silver

Last week we shared how to make clean water. Pure clean water is one of the main ingredients of our tip of the week this week.
Folks who have listened to the Medic Shack over the years haver heard mine and others views on Colloidal Silver. Made correctly and used correctly it is one of the few drugs that I do consider a “Miracle Drug”
CS has had its detractors, The Blue Guy has appeared on Ophra and Dr Phil before he passed away. Mention CS to most medical doctors and you will get either “The Look” or you will get every reason why you SHOULDN’T be putting that “POISON” in your body.
My day job is in medicine. I fix the electrical system of the heart. I use physics algebra electrical engineering in my job everyday. And I have studied how CS works.. Put in countless hours of research in the lab on how it works. Why it works and what it will do if used properly. That is the key to CS. Making it correctly. Made correctly it will do what it is designed to do. Kill infections.
My personal experience is in some group studies where it has done what no Big Pharma drug has ever done. When we completed the study I was suspended, and the doctor who did the study with me lost her license for 6 months and was censured. The worst part of the whole thing? It. Worked. But our evidence was suppressed
I have given it to my kids during the Swine Flu Fiasco of 2010 and yes they did test positive for the flu. But their symptoms were that of a moderate cold. The missed a day of school and were so mad when they went back to school to find 80% of their classmates were out would be still out for another week. And not missing but 3 or 4 days due to colds or flu in the last 10 years. It works. And it is safe. If it wasn’t safe I would not give to my children. Enjoy this piece on the making of Colloidal Silver
The person who introduced me to CS is Cope Reynolds of Southwest Shooting Authority

The instructions that follow are from Copes instructions on Making Colloidal Silver and SWSA is the best place to get your silver generators

SWSA Contact info
650 N. Penrod Rd. #55
Show Low, AZ 85901
Phone: 928-208-Guns (4867)


Click here for SWSA

Making your own Colloidal Silver



The following information describes how we make CS for our personal use. It is intended for informational purposes only.  We accept no responsibility for the outcome of the product that you make if you decide to use this information. We have no control over the materials and methods that you may use to make colloidal silver and any risk involved is your own

Remember that CS is available through commercial sources also but it is VERY expensive!


Always use .999 pure silver, DO NOT USE STERLING SILVER! .9999 pure is also available but it is expensive and unnecessary. We use a silver ribbon called “bezel” that is 1/8 to 3/16″ wide and about .020-.026″ thick.

Choose the size of glass container that you would like to make your CS in. Heat that amount of distilled water to boiling. DO NOT USE A METAL CONTAINER TO HEAT THE WATER! Fill glass container to about 1/2″ from the top with the heated water. The reason for this is because distilled water, not having any minerals in it, is a poor conductor of electricity. After being heated to near boiling, it will allow for the electrolysis to take place. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF WATER! Now make a hook on one end of each strip of silver (like a candy cane) and hang them on the edge of the jar and into the water, about an inch or so apart. Clip the two wires from the generator to the silver strips making sure that the clips do not touch the water or each other and that the strips of silver do not touch each other! You can tell when the process has begun, you can see what looks like smoke coming off of one the strips. If it doesn’t appear to be doing anything in a minute or so, scoot the wires a little closer together. If that still doesn’t work, sprinkle a few grains of table salt right in between the strips and it will take right off.
Use very little salt (a small pinch is plenty!) or you will wind up making silver chlorides and this is something we don’t want . There is some controversy as to whether or not one should use sea salt or table salt. We feel that there are too many minerals and other things in sea salt and would rather use plain, white, iodized table salt. You can do some research on your own and find out more. We have been using the table salt method now for 15 years with wonderful results.

Sometimes you won’t see the right color until it has set for awhile after making. If you forget about it and it turns a dark brown, it’s probably best to pour it out and start over although we have taken some that had turned dark and cut it with distilled water until the right color was obtained and it was fine. Colloidal silver made out of distilled water is safe to take internally and, according to the reports that will accompany these instructions, is also injectable. We have injected some of our animals with it with positive results and I have injected it intra-muscularly in myself a number of times. You can make CS out of tap water for topical uses ONLY such as burns and scrapes but as cheap as distilled water is, there’s no sense in it. I also strain it through a coffee filter when finished.
Make your colloidal silver in glass containers. Do not let metal of any kind come in contact with colloidal silver! Most say that the glass should be dark colored because light, even artificial light, will break it down and cause the silver particle to settle out. Don’t store it in plastic containers unless it is dark colored and stamped “HDPE” somewhere on the bottle. That is a non-reactive plastic. A brown hydrogen peroxide bottle is perfect. Don’t store it near motors, speakers, exhaust fans or other things that may create a magnetic field.
We take about 1 tablespoon a day for maintenance and 2-3 tablespoons, 2-3 times a day if we feel some cold or flu symptoms coming on. There is no known toxic dosage of colloidal silver if it made correctly! It is mild and we consider it safe enough that we have put in a newborn infant’s eyes. We have cured pink eye many  times in 24 hrs with colloidal silver.
If you’re making a pint, 15 minutes or so usually does it depending on the strength of your batteries. For a quart, 25 minutes is generally adequate when your batteries are new. If it takes longer than 40 minutes, change your batteries. A gallon will take about 1 hour with good batteries. It will take a little experimenting to get it perfect. Ideally, the water will turn about the color of beer or a tad darker when it’s right. This should give you +/- 7 to 10 ppm of silver. If it is a grey color, it’s still OK as long as you have used all the right ingredients and followed these directions to the letter

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