7-29-2015 Sprains Strains and Clumsy Preppers.

Ok show of hands How many here have rolled an ankle, jammed a finger, tried to lift that wheel barrel full of landscape stones and pulled a back muscle? Well we all have. During the best of times we’d reach for the Ibuprofen or sometimes something stronger. But as we talked about on our show of this very same topic what if there is no more Ibuprofen or Lortabs?

Well lucky for you all and me, nature fills the void of the chemistry set pretty well. First lets get to the basics of what is a strain and what is a sprain.

The short version is a strain involves muscle and muscle attachment tendons. Repeated damage to that area results in Tendinitis. Ever hear of Tennis Elbow?

A Sprain involves ligaments and sometimes the joint capsule Sprains can be as bad and a lot of times they are worse than a fracture.

First off in treatment of either is RICE

Rest. Ice. Elevation and Compression

Rest the injury

Ice it down. But protect the skin from direct ice contact

Elevate it above your heart

And Compression Get an ACE wrap on it

Now for pain. And this is going to hurt. White willow bark tea or tincture will go a long way in helping with the pain.

Arnica is one of the top choices for right now relief. WARNING Arnica is not to be taken internally. Arnica salves are fantastic for direct application to UNBROKEN skin.

Comfrey salves and oils are great for sprains and strains.

And if it is available Horse Chestnut mashed and put in a carrier oil works also.

Sprains come in different grades according to severity.

Grade 1, RICE and mild pain relievers and some light herbal therapy are needed,

Grade 2. As above but add in support of a good ACE wrap and or a proper brace.

Grade 3 These are severe sprains. Normally these are on joints that have been sprained before. Normally the treatment is pain relievers and casting the joint to immobilize it and let it heal on its own . In later tips we’ll go into more detail on the stronger pain relievers that nature provides the smart and savvy prepper. Sprains and strains are not a game ending affair. IF you treat them quickly and correctly. Let them go with out treatment and you can cause permanent damage and that IS a game ender.

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BONUS MEDIC SHACK TIP OF THE WEEK This warning applies to all the NSAIDS, make that NON ASPIRIN  NSAIDS. The FDA is a crock of sh……hooey at times but I do watch the warnings that come our. This one is one to pay attention to. The data shows a huge increase in the risk of stroke and heart attact .Also if you can tolerate it Aspirin and or Tylenol they, for the time being seem to be safer.  http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm451800.htm Now if I may make a suggestion,  I would drop by Amazon and order this book which has alternatives to the chemical NSAIDS

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