7-14-15 Quick Clot

7-14-15 Tip of the Week is Quick Clot   Medic Shack Tip of the week: The modern clot accelerating agents, that we know as Quick Clot Chito Seal Thrombix Celox. They are fantastic tools and have saved thousands of lives since they appeared in the 1990’s They have progressed from the almost caustic agents of the late 1990’s to early 2000’s to those of that do not generate heat and hold together better.The issue with Quick Clot is that it does it’s job TO well. I work in the medical field. When I am not helping my doctors fix the electrical system of the heart, Tx4-in-action-Qucik-Clot-on-leg-lg I also work part time in a couple of ER’s. I have debrided, (cleaned out) HUNDREDS of wounds that Quick Clot that has been poured into. Quick Clot will harden into an almost concrete like plug. While it will save the life of someone bleeding out, it has been my experience that it is used to much and at the wrong time. When I have to clean it out I can and have caused more injury to the fragile tissues and just by looking at the wound 15 - 1 (1)PO0303med-2-2       I know that direct pressure and a good dressing would have done more good. Also I am always question if I got every little bit out. Quic Clot Can. Has. And Will save lives. If a wound is bleeding so bad that direct pressure isn’t working. It’s in an area that a tourniquet CAN’T be applied, IE High up the leg, the neck etc, then don’t hesitate to use it. If pressure and pressure dressings will work, think of one thing. Everything YOU put in to a wound to stop the bleeding HAS to be removed before it can be closed.image-prod-345 If you still have the older Quick Clot granules put it away and get the new sponges or gauze form of it. Notice I said put it away, not throw it away. Never ever throw away something useful. You may have need for it some day. That is your Medic Shack Tip of the week. Have it on hand and know WHEN and when NOT to use Quick Clot. I love Quick Clot, I feel it should be in EVERY Bugout bag, first aid kit and sportsmans pocket. Just take the time to learn how and when to use it This is the combat gauze, for real real bad wounds And the civillian version for when its not as bad


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