Things that go bite in the bug out shelter.

Things that go bite in the bug out shelter.

One thing that is always an issue in the city, country good times and bad is bug bites. Right now the rage is Zika virus. Last year it was Pneumonic plague in Colorado 2 years ago it was Ebola. There is always a custom made disaster looming on the horizon that will bring the end of mankind.

And all the while our little 8 legged friends keep on trucking.

Now spiders and scorpions do not kill as many, as many, as say Ebola. Well as long as the proper medicines hold out.

The Black widow spider has the most toxic venom of any spider. 15 times as potent as a rattlesnake. Black widows are highly poisonous; fortunately, they bite humans only when disturbed. And only the females are toxic to humans. The male’s bite is non harmful to humans. Fortunately the Black widow bite is rarely poisonous to people. Only the very young very old, sick are the most affected. People who are allergic are in danger. The bite of the black widow is painless. Except a few hours later.

Scorpions. Most of our little friends are not dangerous to humans. Except 1. The bark scorpions. The Bark Scorpion are poisonous to us frail little humans. Their bite, or rather sting, unlike the black widow is very painful

The venom of the Arizona bark scorpion can cause

  • severe pain and swelling at the site of the sting
  • numbness
  • frothing at the mouth
  • respiratory difficulties
  • muscle twitching
  • convulsions

As we move along the worst of the lot is our little brown friend. The Brown Recluse. This little guy is bad news if he bites you, you are in a world of hurt.

Victims may experience these symptoms:

  • severe pain at bite site after about four hours,
  • severe itching,
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • fever and
  • myalgias (muscle pain)
  • Tissue necrosis (The skin rots away)


A bite by any of these guys is bad news anytime. But what about when you have no way to get anitvenom, no modern medical care due to location you are out camping. You are caught in a natural disaster. Or the poop has hit the fan. Cat and I will go into depth on what to do, what to stock and what you need to know to prevent what happened to these people. Happen to you.

The Medic Shack. Live on the The Survial Circle

Sundays 6pm PDT 9 pm EDT

The Medic Shack is going through some minor changes. I am not closing up shop now!

I am going to focus on teaching more about how to make your own medications, And how to treat the injuries that will be common in a survival situation.

Also my beautiful wife of 25 years is joining me. Christine is a experienced practitioner of massage therapy. She has spent over 20 years perfecting her touch. Add in she has been a physical therapy technician for even longer, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to our business. Her first item she is working on is a line of massage oils. She has an in depth knowledge of how the muscles of the body interact. And hurt. Her oils are going to be made for different aches and pains with out having to take harsh drugs loaded with side effects. Look for them on the Medic Shack site real soon.

Current Training Schedule

These are the classes for The Medic Shack. For local central NM classes they will be held at Lovelace Medical Center. (LMC)

601 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87102

Remember No firearms are allowed in the medical center.

We’re working on getting a more extended training schedule out soon but for now, here’s what’s on the agenda for the next few weeks: Class dates are firm IF there are any changes I will make every effort to alert students as soon as I know. Also I will be adding more classes to flesh out this schedule.

May 14th & 15th Comprehensive Herbal First Aid LMC $200.00

June 4th Basic Wound Care LMC $150.00

July 16th &17th Battle Field Medic Module 1 and 2 LMC $200.00

July 23rd & 24th Battle Field Medic Module 3 and 4 LMC $200.00

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