The Shack is Moving


The Medic Shack is MOVING.

Sorry for the lack of activity. I have started a move to Anchorage Alaska, (Well I’m here getting things ready for the family to join me!)

So things may be sporadic since I am starting a new job at Alaska Regional Hospital, trying to find a place to live transportation and just getting used to the sun not rising to 10 am! And being on a time zone the puts me 4 hours behind my friends on the east coast and 2 hours behind my family in NM takes some getting used to. But this is going to be a HELL of an adventure!

There is SO much to learn about Alaska herbs. A lot of the same grow here and in NM. Confrey, Yarrow plantain etc. And a lot that I have come to depend on over the years do not exist. Creosote bush, Yerba Mansa, Osha. Prickly Pear. And I get to learn about Devils club, Alaskan Fireweed Tundra tea and Chaga mushrooms. There is SO much to learn.


















Also the native wild life.

I am staying with some fantastic people here in Anchorage. And we live in 72nd street area. I was walking back from the store my 2nd day here and I look up and there is a female moose walking down the sidewalk coming toward me. I crossed to the other side of the street looking around for 1 Her calf, and 2 A tree that my old fat butt could climb! My wife asked me if I walked into an episode of Northern Exposure!























So the coyotes that I loath are in short supply here, No elk. Not a bunch of deer. Black Bear are looked art like we New Mexicans look at prairie dogs and coyotes. Pests. Moose Caribou, porcupines that are HUGE and not a lot of diversity in the trees. Leaning the weather is taking some time. They have something called RAIN. Can you believe that water falls from the sky on a regular basis? Hell I saw it on Discovery Channel but was convinced it was special effects. Really who would let some thing like WATER just run around unconstrained!


Seriously, Alaska looks like it is going to be good for The Medic Shack. I and Jake have some big things planned for spring 2018. Alaskans seem to be very receptive to alternative medicine and education. The folks that live here are very different that what I am used to. But in a good way. They love life. They realize they live in a harsher environment and preparedness is even taught in the hospitals. During orientation we took a 1 hour class on emergency preparedness including making a car bag, a 72 hour bag and a 7 day bag. In the 20+ years I have been in healthcare I have NEVER had that class. We also had a bit on, get this Volcano eruptions and of course earthquake safety.

My family and I are are starting a new chapter in our lives. An adventure that will open up the last frontier to a family of displaced New Mexicans. (HOW THE HELL WILL WE SURVIVE WITH OUT RED AND GREEN CHILE???) Wait forgot bringing 40 pounds with us!) Jake and I are going to redo the Medic Shack from top to bottom and bring to Alaska in proper fashion. By the numbers and on the bounce!

I’ll be getting more news letters out now that things are not as crazy. Maybe not as often as I’d like but they will be coming. Also let me know what folks want to know about Alaska Herbology! I’ll try to find and share all I can!

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