Da Feet. My son Jacobs FAVORITE topic.
OUUUUCH!!!! Have a Care will ya?

Ask ANY Infantryman. Or EMT. Or Cop Firefighter, Waitress. Nurse. Anyone who lives on their feet. Hurting feet HURT.
Now we don’t have any magic cures for sore feet, but we may have some ideas to help sooth them and maybe cut down the er, umm well the scent. And maybe some preventive medicine.

Feet are your life SHTF. Really. Can you depend on your 2014 Dodge Ram, to run after there is no more fuel readily available ? But with proper care your feet will last as long as you.
Proper care? Us combat medics tell every solider when he or she comes to us with a problem.
Drink more water.
Take Motrin
Change your socks

We’ll talk about helping to prevent foot issues. How to take care of common ones. Alternatives when Osco Drug is fresh out of Dr Schols Foot Powder or moleskin is down to skinning a mole.

We abuse our feet and then we complain about em. We spend a fortune on the latest trend on footwear. We look Cool. But we limp around like a Ford with 3 flat tires

But what we need is that old set of Red Wings that have been with you through thick and thin. Fit you like a 2nd skin but wont win no beauty pageants.

SHTF may or may not happen. We’ll save that argument of later. Your feet are yours for now and hopefully forever. Lets take care of the old dogs and make things a little happier on that next hike

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