Social Media and The Wheel of Stupid

Social Media and The Wheel of Stupid

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This weeks show is not so much about medical prepping nor details on how to do a particular thing. It’s about the things we find on Facebook or Twitter WordPress etc. And how people move a fact here or a assumption there and then re post it.
Social media is a fantastic tool for sharing information. For meeting like minded groups of people. To finding out information on how to stop bleeding of halt an infection in its tracks.
Or how to use the drugs found at your local feed store and grind them up and clog up your digestive system and die from it.
Social media is also a place to find out that the last bastion of defense has fallen. Colstin is a very powerful antibiotic. The last resort drug for bacterial infection. How does a serious statement like that fall into the wheel of stupid? It ended up there because of our stupidity.
This week join Cat and I as we spin the Wheel of Stupid and talk about little things like using expensive essential oils to marinate your free range chicken to discovering that celulose is not digestible by humans and that voting for C will end the planet as sure as an asteroid hit.


Training Schedule
These are the classes for The Medic Shack. For local central NM classes they will be held at Lovelace Medical Center. (LMC)
601 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87102

Here’s what’s on the agenda for the next few weeks: Class dates are firm IF there are any changes I will make every effort to alert students as soon as I know. Also I will be adding more classes to flesh out this schedule.

June 16-19th Combat Medic @ SHOTS Ranch!combat-medic-training/c1t7v

July 8th-10th Personal Defense Handgun II and III (TMS is just helping sponsor. I’m taking the class also!!) Sign up here!!!!pdh-iii—nm/cqd2

July 16th &17th IV Insertion and management and Wound Care at Def Tech in Arizona

July 23rd & 24th Herbal First Aid and 2 LMC $200.00

Herbal First Aid Course


Join Cat and I This Sunday on the Medic Shack Live this Sunday On The Survival Circle 6pm PDT 9pm EDT

Click here for the Survival Circle!

Click here for the Survival Circle!

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