SHTF Clinic Part 3. Preplanning your Clinic

Post SHTF Clinic part 3. Pre SHTF planning.
The last 2 weeks we have talked about what to do and the initial steps of building a medical clinic to care for your area and last week I touched on the initial steps of location and security.
Let’s take a step backwards. This week let’s discuss the Pre SHTF planning. WHO are you going to treat? WHAT are you going to treat? What are your going to treat WITH?
The Who. (No not the band or the CSI theme song.) Who are you going to treat? Your family your neighbors, your group or your community? This is the first step. You have to decide the amount of people. What chronic illnesses do they have. Hypertension. Type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Hyper or Hypothyroidism. Asthma, COPE. Bleeding disorders. Sepsis of one form or another. Cardiac arrhythmis. Arthritis or something worse.
The what. What skills do you have or expect to have to be able to treat the above illnesses or trauma. What about OB/GYN. Cardiac care. Laboratory medicine. (Actually I am working in a SHTF Ditch laboratory course. That’s what the MLT is for in my email signature Medical Laboratory Technician) What about Pediatrics? Kids are litterally a different species. A lot of the things we do to adults can harm kids

The with. Building on the above “whats” the with is what are you going to treat with? Do you have a emergency OB kit on hand. You don’t have to buy the multiple hundreds of dollars one. Lab. Microscopes stains sides. Testing reagents. Do you have an AED. Medicine. What modern meds to stock. Herbal meds what to have and what WILL grow .
Let’s start with the patients and the chronic illnesses. First thing is to document if possible what they already have. Also have your future patients go and donate blood. This is a 2 fold. For every pint donated 6 other lives can be saved and you and your patient has their blood type. On long term shtf there are ways of typing blood with out a lab.
The biggest to thing worry about is working outside of your knowledge. In SHTF the Medic or Healer will have to work way outside their knowledge base. During the Pre SHTF times (As in NOW) take classes. Learn new things and techniques that today may sound useless, but tomorrow may save a loved ones life.
Hypertension, type 2 diabetics, asthma and hypothyroidism and COPD are diseases that are well treated with medications. Anti hypertensive, antibiotics diuretics etc. Stocking of those items are vital. The Herbal side is represented partially by, cayenne, berberine, ephedra, ( Mormon tea is a native plants that contains ephedra) collodial silver. There are endless lists of what to stock.
Hardware. There are few things that you should have. One that is overlooked is a microscope. A microscope will save many many hours of trial and error and wasted medicines. Include with the microscope a couple of boxes of slides and cover slips. And stains. A Grams stain kit is worth its weight in gold. This will allow you to tell what type of bacteria you are dealing with and then you are free to choose the correct medicine. Wright’s stain is used when you need to do a manual blood count. Another item that is invaluable for determining anemia.

These items seem like a bit much for a SHTF Medical Clinic. But the simple addition of a microscope slides and stains will dramatically improve outcomes for patients. The microscope is important to SHTF medicine for many reasons. The microscope is used in Hematology to observe different types of blood cells, so that they can be counted and categorized, and checked for abnormalities. The microscope is used in Urine Analysis to check for the presence of various types of crystals, and white blood cells, which could indicate a bladder infection. The microscope is used in Microbiology and Parasitology to identify different types of bacteria and parasites.

Amazon carries 99.95% of what you will need.

A hydrometer similar to the ones in brewing is usefull in measuring the specific gravity of urine and combined with a microscope can be used in diagnosing diabetes.

Gathering the equipment now is important. Learning how to use it is important. Now what if you have the equipment meds and patients but no Medic? Well like the Field of dreams, if you build it the medics will come.
Upcoming Classes
Herbal Basics
Class date is August 20th 8am to 3pm at Lovelace Medical Center. (LMC) In the Blanding room 2nd floor
601 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87102.
Wound Care

Wound Care

Class date is August 27th 8am to 3pm at Lovelace Medical Center. (LMC) In the Blandina room 2nd floor
601 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87102.
This week join me on my friend Cat Ellis on her show, The Herbal Prepper. This Sunday, 4pm PDT 7pm edt Live on Prepper Broadcasting Network.

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