Nutrition. How much food do you REALLY need?

Nutrition is an over looked topic for preppers. We ae good at putting away bullets beans and rice. (Ok I know the vast majority are 100 times better!) We pack for long term and mobile storage. Shelf stable. And todays prepper is much more knowledgable on calories, carbohydrates, fat, salt, protein etc. And for every 5 people you talk to you will get 6 different outlines on the proper diet.














Oatmeal                                             Mashed Potatoes                             Travellers Stew















 Fettuccine Alfredo                           Potato Soup Creamy

These meals are from My Patriot Supply 2 week 1 person meal box

(NOTE I have no affiliations with My Patriot Supply This is used as an example only)

Lets take Oatmeal for Breakfast, Travellers Stew for Lunch and Creamy Chicken and rice for lunch. We get a grand total of 920 calories for a days meals.

Now lets look at some established norms
A 200 pound, 6’2″ man 40 years of age who is ‘lightly active’ during a typical day will require 2,700 calories to maintain body systems function without gaining or losing weight. That same person will require 3,400 calories if he is ‘very active’ and 3,800 calories if ‘extremely active’.

A 140 pound, 5’7″ woman 40 years of age who is ‘lightly active during a typical day will require 1,900 calories, but if ‘very active’ will require 2,400 calories, and if ‘extremely active’ will require 2,600 calories to maintain body systems function without gaining or losing weight.

Just the act of survival which can range from very active to extremely active the calories offered by the survival meal is 3 to 4 times LESS than what is needed for a man and 2-3 times less for woman.

I just used the above meal set menu and vender only as an example.

Men ususally need more, women less, children in the teen years need a lot more toddlers less.
Lets add in pregnancy. You all did plan for that didn’t ya?
The government says this
Eating a well-rounded diet with all of the right nutrients and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day is important for a healthy pregnancy. For most normal-weight pregnant women, the right amount of calories is:

About 1,800 calories per day during the first trimester
About 2,200 calories per day during the second trimester
About 2,400 calories per day during the third trimester

Remember I am not a doctor nor do I prescribe nor advise. The chart used at the top was for a 40 year old woman. As we age we require less calories to maintain weight.

Using this chart we see that the requirements for a 40 year old female of average weight and height with light activity is @1900 kcals a day. And the .gov chart above says a female in the 1st trimester only needs 1800 kcals a day. It makes one think.

Daily Calorie Requirements
Male, 5’11”, 190 pounds, lightly active
Age-20: 2,800 calories
Age-30: 2,700 calories
Age-40: 2,600 calories
Age-50: 2,500 calories
Age-60: 2,400 calories
Age-70: 2,300 calories

Daily Calorie Requirements
Female, 5’5″, 150 pounds, lightly active
Age-20: 2,100 calories
Age-30: 2,000 calories
Age-40: 1,900 calories
Age-50: 1,900 calories
Age-60: 1,800 calories
Age-70: 1,800 calories

So lets skip the guesses and get right to the point. For a pregnant lady in the first trimester add 100 kcals a day. 2nd and 3rd trimester 300 kcals a day.

Nursing mothers need an additonal 200+ calories a day. Milk production takes a lot of energy. And Similac will not be on the shelves.
This is a lot to expect to get out of the most common survival rations. A small print post script in most of those rations is that they need to be supplimented with outside foods.
My main focus in this news letter was on pregnant ladies, it is extremely important for all. We store away a lot of foodstuff. But do we really know how well it will sustain us? During pregnancy the fetus draws what it needs from the mother no matter how good or bad her diet is. Plan now to ensure that a healthy diet is available for all.

And dont forget the kids. Even wonder why teenagers eat us out of house and home? It’s because of their metabolism is keyed to the activity they have. On an average a lightly active teenage male between the ages of 13 and 20 need between 2800 and 3200 calories a day. depending on activity. When the caloric intake is below that amount on kids then the body wil take its nutrition where it can, and that means its self.

When chosing food for long term storage, plan for the unexpected. For instance. “I have the basics covered. I hunt for the meat we need” Plan again. if you live with in 2 hours drive a a city of any size in this country the game will be either hunted out or scared out with in weeks. “I live near a cattle ranch I’ll grab a couple of steers”
May want to re think that one also. Ranchers are VERY protective over their stock now. Can you imagine if things go bad?
Plan now. Take the time to read lables and compare. Don’t buy because of price. I did once. The stuff we got did taste ok, but what they called a serving was not even a snack. Plan for your family now and those still to come.
Current Training Schedule
These are the classes for The Medic Shack. For local central NM classes they will be held at Lovelace Medical Center. (LMC)
601 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87102

Here’s what’s on the agenda for the next few weeks: Class dates are firm IF there are any changes I will make every effort to alert students as soon as I know. Also I will be adding more classes to flesh out this schedule.

June 4th Basic Wound Care LMC $150.00 CANCELLED

June 16-19th Combat Medic @ SHOTS Ranch
July 16th &17th IV Insertion and management and Wound Care at Def Tech in Arizona
July 23rd & 24th Battle Field Medic Module 1 and 2 LMC $200.00
I am looking to see if there is an interest in another Herbal First Aid class in Albuquerque.
Also remember If anyone one would like to get 5 of their freinds together for a class then yours is free!

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