New Training

Some big changes are coming to the Medic Shack courses and new additions.

I am now certified to teach and Certify people as Wilderness First Aid through Emergency Care & Safety Institute.

That means for people who take our Battlefield Medic Course to take the  Wilderness First Aid course and be certified in that. Also the WFA course comes with CPR certification in hands only CPR.

This is going to be added to our Flagship Battle Field Medic Class. And due to the amount of information that is taught in the BMC It is going to be done over 4 days. There is just SO much information that it is impossible to have people try to do it in 3 much less 2 days and get the full benefit of the course. I will work with groups to tailor the course time. 4 days consecutive, 2 weekends or days with in reason

I am splitting the BMC class into modules. It is unfair and I feel unethical to have someone take a entire 4 day course just to take, say the IV course. 

That lead me to split the class into modules.

Currently the course is made up of :

  1. Basic triage, Anatomy and physiology, Shock, Head to toe assessment, Taking vitals and the ABC’s.
  2. Trauma Management, Pneumothorax decompression Bleeding control of external and internal hemorrhage and fractures and burns and dressings.
  3. Wound care. Triage of, cleaning and closing. This includes the instruction of staples sutures and glue.

    3a, Herbal treatments for most emergencies

  4. Intravenous management. The set up, calculation of drips and amounts of and type fluid to give. Starting and maintain the IV, how to discontinue the IV and manage complications

These 4 modules will be offered separately and the WFA will also be a separate class.

This allows prospective students to choose what they want to take and to keep Ditch Medicine education with in range of more people.


I am very excited about this addition. This offers our prospective students a lot more flexibility in what they want to take and how much they want to take.

SHTF Medical training is not just for “The end of the World or “The Zombe Apocalypse”.

Its for when you are out in the back country and help is hours to days away. Its for being cut off by storms or other forces of nature and someone is hurt. Seriously. As in if you don’t do something they WILL die. By adding this certification and more so changing the class structure more people can afford to take the training the want and need.



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