Moving the Shack

Over the next few months I will be moving The Medic Shack off of Facebook and to here at Me We
The social political atmosphere and the ever looming threat of “Facebook Jail” for offending, shocking, disturbing and bothering overly sensitive people. I will be expanding our presence on some of the other social media sites.
Part of the decision lays in the arbitrary thought of Facebook on deciding what is “News” and what is. How long will it be before a decision is made on something else you may or may not see.
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  1. RedN

    By “Facebook jail,” do u mean FB actually calling law enforcement in a user’s area, to charge him/her w/ a crime, & arrest & take that person to a real, physical jail? Or do u mean just getting kicked off of FB?
    Yes, there are a lot of ppl who can be offended, disturbed & “overly sensitive” in our society, who want to use the force of law to punish the person who offended or disturbed them, if they could. BUt as far as I know, it’s still not a crime to offend or shock or disturb anther with mere words, thanks to the 1st amendment of free speech & a free press.

    1. chuck

      LOL No not LEO jail. My facebook account got suspended for disturbing and items not in line with FB’s community standards!

      Thanks for asking!!


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