Medical Morals during SHTF

Medical Morals during SHTF


S has hit the fan. As a Medical professional and as a prepper you’ve gathered medical supplies for your family that you believe might be life-saving in the event of a disaster

Cautiously answering a knock at your door, you find a young couple with their infant . At first glance you know the baby is dehydrated. “Can you help her?” the sobbing parents cry “She hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in two days!”

Pop quiz hot shot. WHAT DO YOU DO?

I am having a hard time writing this show promo and tip of the week. This is not “Take 1 tbs of mint and 1 teaspoon of ginger in 8 ounces of boiling water and honey to taste for nausea.”
This is about what would reasonable people do when SHTF and McLeod Medical Center in Edgewood is no longer there.

Do we turn them away and let the baby die? Send the to the free clinic that FEMA is putting together? Trade that diamond ring on the wife’s hand for a half liter of normal saline? Take care of the baby even tho you will be using a lot of supplies that you earmarked for your family?

That one is kind of easy. Lets take it a step further. Same scenario. But instead of a baby its your neighbors wife? Decent folks. You’ve all had drinks ad BBQ together but same exact thing. Dehydrated Hasn’t had anything to eat or drink for 4 days. Same question. What do you do?

Ok still to easy?

Neighbor hood teen. 16 years old. Cut his foot badly with an axe. Mom tried to take care of it and now infection has set in. Red streaks racing up his leg. Feverish, incoherent, boy is in shock. At a minimum will need weeks of antibiotics and dead tissue debridement. Taking stock you see it will take a lot of your carefully put away supplies to save this boys leg and probably his life. Not to bad. Most can make a decision. Notice I said a decision. Not a right decision.

Ok lets add this was the same kid that made your youngests life HELL in elementary and middle school because he was a bit of a bully.

The question still stands.
What do you do?

Now you all see why this is a hard one to write. Most of us medical professionals take an oath of some sort. To treat all people equally no matter race religion creed sex etc etc. Does it apply to SHTF?

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