Do you even Herbal Bro?

Do you even Herbal Bro?

There are some that will catch that reference. There are a lot that practice herbal medicine, those that are good at it. Those that struggle with it but mean will and do good. And those that are charlatans and do it do it just for the money.

Being a healer is much more than a dollar sign. We ply our trade for multiple reasons. We do expect but rarely ask recompense. But everyone and their uncle is jumping on the herbal bandwagon and wanting their slice of the pie and charging out the ….wazzo for poor product and faked knowledge.

But the main point is that we are teachers, besides healers. We teach what not to do to our bodies as well as what will make them well. That also entails being up in peoples faces on when what they are doing is being destructive.
We also teach patience. To allow the medicine we make to have the time to work. Parts of herbal, and yes western medicine needs time to work. Take the antibiotic Cefalzolin. Better known as Kefzol. Takes a minimum of 48 hours to even start to work. And about the same amount of time is needed for say Echinacea to work against staph infections. Time is healing.

Also herbal medicine is not bought at Walmart Nor is sold by the muscle bound chemically charged boy at GNC. Herbal medicine is learned one step at a time. Like our counterparts in western medicine there are no shortcuts, no magic pill to make you know it all. (There are companies that will tell you otherwise)

This week we’ll go over the why drugs both western and herbal need time. And why both need to be given by well educated people. Not the kid at the mall with the protein powders and chemical supplements

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