Disaster kits links

Disaster kits

This is a selection of links for the Disaster kit blog I posted. I looked at each piece and tried to find it the total cost of it was well over $400. 00 ! So I searched out the major components and put them together here.

First Aid Kit Emergency Response Trauma Bag Complete

Adventure Medical Kits Professional Trauma Pak with QuikClot. These are the needed trauma items for your disaster kit

Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit 6 pcs NPA w/ Lube Jelly Packs

Oral Airway Kit Airways 6-Pack Colored OPA in Poly Bag

Combat Application Tourniquet, Black

Theses items or the equivalent are required for the wound care class on 11-6-2017.

Wait! What class? This one!! Wound Care for Austere Environments

5 Pieces Scissors Forceps Hemostats Needle Holders

Training Needles (12-Count) with Needle Driver | Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed