Colloidal Silver. The How, Why, and what you don’t even think of doing with it


Colloidal Silver is one of the very few systemic antibiotics that average prepper can lay their hands on. It requires no prescription, is easy to make and when made properly its very safe.

But before we get to far into the uses of silver lets talk about its history

Since ancient times silver has been highly regarded as a versatile healing tool. In ancient Greece, Rome, Phoenicia, and most of the ancient world, silver was used extensively to control infections and spoilage. Hippocrates taught that silver healed wounds and controlled disease. Around 400 BC, he listed as a singular treatment for ulcers “the flowers of silver alone, in the finest powder.” In 69 BC, silver nitrate was described in the Roman pharmacopoeia as a primary treatment for infections.

For many centuries royal families ate and drank from silver utensils and were rarely sick. The Greeks and Romans used to store all of their perishable liquids in silver containers. And prior to the invention of refrigeration, it was common practice to drop a silver coin into a container of milk to retard spoilage.

And during the 14th century bubonic plague outbreak in Europe, which killed an estimated 1.5 million people and was also known as the Black Death, the young children of wealthy families were instructed to suck on silver spoons each day to preserve their health. What is interesting is 2 groups of people survived better than the majority, The first was if course the rich. They ate off of silver and acidic and salty foods stripped more silver ions off and they were ingested. And certain groups of the poorest survived. Now historically they were decimated. But history shows that some that lived on the outskirts and not in the crowded ghettos, And ate moldy bread survived the plague. But that is a talk for a different day

Silver was a go to for a lot of physicians and even in the modern age we still use it. Not the colloidal form, but as salves creams and dressings
World War 2 was the downfall of mainstream silver use. Not from turning patients a grayish blue. But by killing them. In partial defense of the doctors at the time, we were just starting to peel back the layers of ignorance and pursue medicine as a science not an art. Or worse a guess. They knew the antibiotic properties of silver. So silver plated plates were used on skull fractures of US service men. Today we use stainless steel or titanium. Well the constant contact of the silver to the blood/brain barrier caused a toxic and often fatal reaction.

Heavy Metal Poisoning.


In the late 80’s to the mid 90’s silver saw a big resurgence. The first of the resistant bacterias were discovered. People were finally being educated on their health. They were not taking the doctors word at face value. A thing that has been a long time in coming. And the prepper movement was starting to explode. We were taking the first steps on the big “What If’s” What if there were no more antibiotics. And the old recipes of silver were discovered and brought out to the light.

This is a piece I wrote in 1992 just before I went full time in to cardiovascular medicine and was still active reserve status in the Army. (And just got married to the love of my life!)

Colloidal Silver testimony from a lab tech at the University of NM

Well show me as a big supporter of Colloidal Silver, starting using it about a year ago after Cope introduced it to me and being the natural pessimistic SOB that I am, I had to test it. Running a lab of my own has benefits (besides being exposed to every bug out there) But I did do some informal sensitivity tests. In the standard Micro sensitivity reports we do on cultures, we check the bug against the most popular antibiotics according to if it is Gram Positive or Gram Negative. As we all know there are more and more bugs that are building resistance to our strongest antibiotics. What I have found with Colloidal Silver is that it does not kill bacteria as standard antibiotics do. Instead of just weakening the bugs so that the body can finish it off or by outright killing it, CS basically binds to the protein coat of the bug and starves it. For the bugs that have no protein coat it, in the simplest of terms, gives it heavy metal poisoning.

Now as most health care workers know Silver has been used for centuries as a natural antibiotic until the latter part of the 20th century. Diluted silver nitrite was dropped in newborns eyes to protect them from any STDs that the mother my have.

The bad part of Colloidal Silver comes not from the silver itself but from adding salts to it. A lot of people add Sea Salts to the solution to increase the activity during generations. High quantities of silver combined with certain salts (Chlorides, Bromides, Fluorides etc) are very toxic to the body. That is where most of the ill side effects of it happen. Follow the directions you get from Cope his are the easiest and the most accurate out there. Use distilled or RO water and pure silver. City water is the worst to use since Chlorine and Florine are added to keep it safe for the idiots that do not know better than to drink bad water.

Also not all doctors are close-minded to alternative medicine. One of my duties is that I collect and process samples from an HIV clinic. The director of the clinic is considering testing Colloidal Silver on patients who want it. She has looked over my lab data and thinks it may have a chance to work since it does not harm the body as do the standard cocktails given to the patients and it has shown promise in defeating viruses such as the common cold. Now we all know the FDA would never sanction a drug that cost a 30-60 buck initial investment and then about 5 bucks a month to make. NO PROFIT IN IT! But she thinks that if patients are shown how to make the generators and if it does work against the scourge of the 20th century what can it hurt? Except to maybe lower the tax burden for supporting these folks with drugs that cost hundreds of dollars per month multiplied by the millions of people who have it.
In a public forum I can not release or say anything about a test that “never” happened. I will say that a lot of people had a lot of quality years added to their lives.

Now there are HUNDREDS of places to buy CS from. At 10 bucks a fluid ounce on up. ( for the solution not the silver it’s self!) My dear friend and one of the very few people who I call brother, Cope Reynolds of Southwest Shooting Authority Is just about the most healthy person on this planet. I think I have seen him sick 3 times in the last 20+ years. He uses CS like his life depends on it. (And at times it has.) (It’s either the CS or him being so damned ornery!) And when he speaks about it, it is with a openness and sincerity that is not seen anymore. He sells silver generators and at a fairly resonable price. If you need a durable generator that just plain works give him a call.

But what Medic Shack News letter would be incomplete with out the “But what if…..”
But what if you are caught with out your generator. You are so broke that the homeless folks on Northern Lights and Old Seward look rich to you? And you can’t afford, or you can’t wait on the USPS to delver your shiny new generator?
Well for under 20 bucks you can build your own generator and make a years supply of CS.

Items needed:
3 nine volt batteries

2 strips of PURE silver wire. NOT Sterling or plated or 90% silver coins PURE silver wire.
On a side note I found that it was next to impossible to buy pure silver wire here in Anchorage. I am considering carrying it for folks to purchase locally














The connection of the batteries. And the generator all assembled. Not the use of “Cath Lab” or “Medical Grade Duct Tape!


Distilled water. RO can be used but distilled is the best. (If you have been following me, over the years you have heard me preach about my favorite survival tool the pressure cooker.. it will make distilled water)

Glass vessel to make it in



And a light proof storage vessel


The process is dead simple. First connect your 9 volt batteries in SERIES. This will make 27 volts. And then attach the silver to the positive and negative electrode on the battery set.

Fill your glass container with BOILING distilled water. Its been shown that the boiling water starts the reaction as well as adding a few grains of salt. But with out the potential side effects of the salts in the silver Then set the generator so that the 2 sliver electrodes are in the water and NOT touching each other.

Let it run.

Now the question that will cause as heated a discussion as Red or Green, Glock or 1911, AK or AR. How long to let it run for?

The CORRECT answer is………………………………….
Until it is done.

Peter A. Lindemann has done extensive research on CS and by electronmicrographs we have an better understanding of what the colors of CS mean

Clear colorless CS is in the 1-5 parts per million (ppm)

Very pale yellow. Think 1 drop of yellow food coloring in a pint of water. 7-10 ppm

Pale yellow (think watered down iced tea) 11-15 ppm

Yellow >20ppm

Gray or hazy, Mineral contamination. I would not consume it internally but it will be fine for external use like wound cleaning.

Black. WAY to long with the batteries! The reason I know is I let a batch go over night. Because I forgot about it. Toss it!

There is a lot of literature that tells you that high dose CS 20 PPM is safe. And it probably is. But I recommend. (NOT prescribe) CS under 15ppm. It is just playing it safe. Now have I used silver in the higher concentrations? Heck yeah! But rarely internally. As an external flush, wash or soak for bad infections.



DO NOT add anything to the water or silver. Silver is a very active metal That is why it tarnishes so quickly. It wants to bind with things. The main elements that silver likes to bind to is Oxygen, Nitrogen, and the Halide group of elements. Chlorides, Bromides Fluorides. Think Silver Chloride, Silver Bromide and Silver Fluoride. When it binds with Oxygen and Nitrogen you get Silver Nitrate (AGNO3) And that is actually a very useful topical wound care item.
Its when silver binds with the halide group is when your get the major problems with it. The proper term is
argyria. CS Improperly made and improperly consumed CAN cause argyria. Argyria is the process of the skin turning blue to gray. It is permanent and it can be fatal. In 2008 a gentleman named Paul Karason appeared on the Today show to bemoan his new skin color. Now Mr. Karason swore that me followed all the directions on making the silver. I am not going to get into the argument of if he did or didn’t’. I am just going to state first hand experience. Me. Those that know me, know I am more of a bronze color thanks to my mothers Apache and Spanish heritage! I have been taking silver off on on for years. My friend Cope, Takes it 2 times a day for over 20 years. And his skin color ranges from a normal outdoors man’s to beat red when he is either sunburned or about to blow a gasket over stupid people. Mr. Karason passed away in 2013 suffered a heart attack before contracting pneumonia and having a severe stroke.
The process that
argyria uses is identical to developing old fashioned black and white film or old X-Ray film. Silver Chloride turns black/blue when exposed to light. So basically the person who develops argyria has, “Developed” them selves

I make it a habit not to buy silver from anyone I do not know personally. There are unethical companies that prey on people. And prey on peoples religious backgrounds. There was a company that was selling CS that was made with Dead Sea Salt. “To infuse the power of the Holy Land into the solution”. That was their ad. Umm NO!!!!!! And I am not kidding Look up Silver Ormus. This person has been doing it for years. Professionally as a past medical lab technician specializing in hematology and chemistry I disreccomend this product. MAKE YOUR OWN! Look we folks that teach alternative,herbal or SHTF medicine have a hard enough time with our looking for trouble. Adding salt to sliver is asking for trouble.

So there you have it. CS is a WONDERFUL tool. It is just that a tool Do not fall into the trap of Duh da da Daaaaaa! SUPER WONDER NOTHING ELSE WILL DO MEDICINE! Its a part of the over all preppers medical kit. It by itself can not do everything. But used correctly it can do wonders.

On my webpage is a link that I helped write and collate. It has MUCH more information about Colloidal Silver than I can insert in a newsletter. And this one has pushed the limits of that!




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