Cold Weather Preps. Are you ready?

Cold Weather Preps

We’re back!! Sort of after the holidays who really knows?

This past week we saw Winter Storm Goliath hit the US. From New Mexico to Maine. We had blizzards here in NM 1-3 feet of snow and 10+ drifts. Texas had all 4 seasons in one day. Missouri had feet of rain. Then it moved on north and pounded the rest of the country. Power was out from New Mexico to Illinois and motorists were stranded in their vehicles for some, days.

With the ground covered in feet of snow, mud or just plain washed away, how do you try to “wildcraft” herbs and other medicines?

Cold weather Herbs

Snow Covered Elderberry Photo courtesy of Dreanstime

Cold Weather Survival is hard. Are you up to it?

You have perishables and no power what do you do?

Due to the storms someone is injured and you need to clean, put back together and closed but no light to do it with.

You are stranded in your vehicle. We had a case of an elderly couple who delivered news papers in rural NM got caught in the storm and had their car buried under a few FEET of snow. What do you do to ensure you keep the exhaust clear and what should you have in your car to sustain you until you are found?

This weeks show is about those items. Kind of a beginning of the year how to to keep things going during extreme situations. Also will do a review of hypothermia, cold flu and other cold weather injuries and situations.


Our Drive way at TMS HQ

Our Drive way at TMS HQ

Lots to talk about this week since we were off for 2 weeks (Kind of like Glen Beck but we cant afford a guest host!)



So join us this Sunday on The Medic Shack Live on the Survival Circle!

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The Survival Circle


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