Childbirth PSHTF

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Childbirth  PSHTF. Are you up to playing catcher?

A lot of things will quit PSHTF world. Water service, Gas service, Electrical service. The Internet and Cell phones.

One thing that won’t stop is children. Specifically Children being born. Right now in the US when a child is born Mom and Dad go to the hospital, Dad drives like a maniac. The rush and mom is rushed to the OB suite and dad is left to fill out paper work. 1 to 49 hours later a new baby is born.

Dad then passes out
BUT what about if there are not enough doctors? Nor OB Nurses?
Wait the Midwife is on her\his rescue! Or so you hope. For countless thousands of years Women have been having kids on their own. No help from anyone. She cops a squat and pops one out its said. And that works if you want a better than even chance of losing the child or mother or even both.

So what about prenatal care? Prenatal nutrition? Who is going to teach the new mom in a SHTF world?  And as usual by SHTF I mean anything from losing your health insurance to a huge quake, tornado, hurricane or zombies invaders from Washington.
This week we’ll talk about the importance of midwives. They are the ones who for generations help to bring children into the world hale and healthy. A special part of medicine that is being attacked by some big names in the OB Business. And a business it is. So gather your questions and bring the to the  The Survival Circle this Sunday 6pm PDT 9pm EDT.

Current Training Schedule

These are the classes for The Medic Shack. For local central NM classes they will be held at Lovelace Medical Center. (LMC)

601 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87102

Remember No firearms are allowed in the medical center.

We’re working on getting a more extended training schedule out soon but for now, here’s what’s on the agenda for the next few weeks: Class dates are firm IF there are any changes I will make every effort to alert students as soon as I know. Also I will be adding more classes to flesh out this schedule.

June 4th Basic Wound Care LMC $150.00

June 16-19th Combat Medic @ SHOTS Ranch

July 16th &17th IV Insertion and management and Wound Care at Def Tech in Arizona

July 23rd & 24th Battle Field Medic Module 3 and 4 LMC $200.00

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