9-29-2015 Viruses

As the weather cools we gather inside more. As we gather inside more. As we gather inside more we share more than we really should. It is not the cold weather that “ makes its cold and flu season” The number of viruses is actually higher in the summer than in the winter. The reason we get sick more often is we are in closer proximity to each other

Over the years people have heard us on The Medic Shack talk prevention prevention PREVENTION.

Viruses are the most prevalent life form on this planet . And they are not even alive. They are just a piece of RNA and or DNA wrapped in a protein coat. Their entire function is to replicate. They have no mind, no morals. No sense of right or wrong. So what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

Well a lot . Viruses are going to be on of the biggest obstacle that a prepper can face. More than Zombies nor EMP nor even Gooberment agents. They are unseen, silent and some are deadly.

What can YOU do to stop this? Wash your hands. Often. That is step one. Step two? Eat properly. The fad diets work to lose weight, but they don’t do crap to survive and THRIVE on. And the USDA food pyramid is a crock of crap based on the opinion of one man that had the charisma to convince the fledgling American Heart Association to say that Fats are BAD and will kill you. But that is for another tip of the week. Back to viruses. Eating proper is so vital to defeating viruses. See the prevention statement above. When you prep, forgot the new blue and will ………well forget the fancy things that are advertised to “kill” viruses. There is an Essential Oil maker who advertised their oils as a

prevention for Ebola. Save the money on that and buy good foods.

Put up some basic herbs and tinctures. Cat in her book Preppers Natural Medicine has a complete list of what you need. But start with Elderberry ginger and garlic.

Colloidal Silver. This is the Preppers Best Friend. It is a GREAT antiviral and you need to have a generator spare silver and batteries packed away. And distilled water or the way to make it.

Beating the bug doesn’t take rocket science. It takes just some smart planning and avoidance of the bugs, A good diet and some simple herbs and the know how on HOW to use them .

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