11-3-2015 Managing Diabetes PSHTF (Or when you have no insurance)

Prepping for XYZ is hard enough. Food Ammo Weapons Tools Clothes Medical etc etc.. Now add in that someone in your group, or someone you love or even YOU has a chronic disease, and diabetes is the one we are discussing today. Shier are 2 types of diabetes, Type 1 or insulin dependent and Type 2 Non insulin dependent. As their names say one needs insulin and one doesn’t. Both are life threating if not addressed. And both don’t just go away. But type 2 is easier to work with in a SHTF situation. In the early 20th century an young Army doctor named Dr. Fredrick Allen did the first experiments on dogs by removing bits of their pancreas until the animal went into type 1 insulin dependent diabetes. He then changed the diets of different dogs He eventually found that a diet of fat and protein and 0 carbs kept the dogs alive. At first it was a reduced calorie diet and the dogs were alive, but barely. He then added in dried bits of pancreas to the diet. He then found that they had better sugar and ketone control. This was from 1913-1918.

Fast forward to 1922 and Dr Fredrick Banting discovered insulin, And it was the Islets of Langerhans at of the pancreas that insulin was extracted from. So what does this history lesson of Diabetes have to do with preppers and medical preps? Only just EVERYTHING. Dr Allen’s work proved that diabetes could be controlled with diet. And his early experiments on dogs by adding in parts of the pancreas to the high fat high protein diet. Then Dr Banning figuring out that is was a particular part of the panaceas controlled insulin levels. So what this mean for preppers with diabetes there is options for controlling and beating the disease.

My co worker who is a RN, husband had, well has but non clinical, type 2 diabetes. And hypertension and massively over weight. He was over 500, FIVE HUNDRED pounds. Out of desperation she put both on the Atkins diet and then did some modifications. Sam is now down 240 pounds HALF his body weight. And is no longer taking Metformin, Glucaphage and off all 3 BP meds. He is able to play golf and feels better than he did. There are arguments for and against the low and zero carb diets. And it comes down to 1 YOUR genetic make up. Some people can not process carbs effectively. Some can. In my family, my youngest and I can use carbs and use them well. Where my wife and oldest can not and they have weight issues. This little tip is to whet your appetite for this weeks show. Managing Diabetes PSHTF. Yes it is life threatening. No it doesn’t go away. Yes it will get worse unless treated. Yes it will KILL you left untreated. But there are ways to keep your loved one, team member, neighbor alive, and just as importantly healthy when the meds run dry. And we haven’t even talked about the HERBAL side of diabetes management. Oh yes sir there is a herbal side. Berberine, the active medicine in Oregon Grape Root Goldenseal and other plants has been shown to work like the drug Metformin. In Europe. In the US the FDA and other “official” medical outlets say it causes more harm, or as one site said Yes it will work on diabetes by destroying your liver, Berberine may damage the liver and other organs where as in Europe they have had good success with it. Berberine and Diabetes in Europe

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