10-27-2015 I’m a Ford, Chevy Dodge Glock Smith 1911 Triple blend Anti Ebola EO guy

An odd title for a survival medical tip news letter. But a real one. We humans, tend to pick one item of all others and use it for everything.Lets use Purple Oregano or PO for short.
By Gum I LOVE PO. Did you know it will cure EVERYTHING from Acne to Zombie Germ infections. In fact you know it cleared up the bad infection that my wife had and we take 3 table spoons of it when ever we feel the tickle of a cold.
That is human nature. We find something that works well for us for one thing and then try it on something else and it helps somewhat with that then we are caught Hook Line and Sinker. It is no different than a gun owner. Or a owner that was let down by a bad feed ramp in a 1911 or a Chevy with a bad coil pack. Said person picks up a new Glock or a Ford and then the world is green the sky is blue and everything is hunky dory.

This happens in alternative medicine. Someone finds the miracle herb. The one that cures Cancer Acne Impotence and bad breath. This little item, shows that the mind has a lot to do with healing as does the medicine.
But this is dangerous also. By ignoring the huge pharmacopoeia that we have at our disposal can put people at risk for NOT treating properly a illness that caught early Say Strep Throat and allows it to evolve in to Scarlet Fever. I see it all the time at work. People see a thing on TV  They buy said magic herb and self treat themselves with out consulting a health care pro or herbal medicine professional, end up in my lab. And die
Yes they die.
They die because they found the miracle herb that will cure everything from Cancer Acne Impotence and bad breath.
But not heart disease.
A PROFESSIONAL healer. Be they western, eastern or alternative. Will NEVER tell a patient that Drug herb, root or oil  WILL cure ANYTHING. We know enough of the science behind the herbs medicines and oils we prescribed that they will help with a lot of different illnesses. And used correctly and to the letter of the instructions we write will help to cure a lot of common maladies.
This is a battle that alternative practitioners have fought for hundreds of years. The Charlatan. The MLM that is only interested in gross and net profits not the well being of their patients.

This tip of the week is not so much a tip as it is a plea to our listeners and readers of this letter to not follow the will of the Interwebs. To do their own research and not to be afraid to ask the advice of a health care professional. We may not always agree on specific treatment. But we, the professional healer will always put YOU the patient first over anything else and do the best we can for you.


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