10-20-2015 Viruses Viruses everywhere

What can YOU do to help protect yourself?

Last week on TMS we talked about the “Relapse” risk of Ebola, and the dumbing down of the MERS virus. In the news of late, but buried under the Trump Clinton news wave, is the story of a Scottish nurse who had a relapse of Ebola 9 month after she was declared cured.

Scottish Nurse has ebola relapse

Or Dr. Ian Croizer who relapsed and it was found in his eye.

Doctor gets ebola relapse in his eyes

And one more for your viewing pleasure the Liberian woman who contracted Ebola from non protected sex.

Sexually transmitted Ebola

MERS+ has been out of the news of late, but rest assured it IS lurking. If you all would be so kind as to secure your tin foil to your rabbits head,

The west has had forced upon it the resettlement of millions of refugees from Syria and other parts of the middle east. When the same happened to the US with refugees from Central America, we found a rather large resurgence of TB, Measles and other diseases. What if some of these people “fleeing” war, per chance have a little sniffle, touch of fever and troublesome cough? Moving along now

Prevention or protection? Which shall we do? Well contrary to the beliefs and claims of certain essential oil companies you can not use essential oils nor anything to prevent catching a virus. Except total isolation. And even then it is not 100% certain you will not catch SOMETHING.

But there are things we can to to
1. lessen the severity of an attack.
2. Ward off some of the weaker viruses.

Our first recommendation is, Wash your hands. Often. We have said our opinions of the

chemical sanitizers, but if that is what you have then that is what have. Just using running water is better than nothing at all.

Don’t pick your nose nor rub your eyes. That is the #1 method of transmission of a virus next to some one sneezing on you. Before doing either see #1 above.

Get HEALTHY (Or healthier) By building your immune system up. Your body has some pretty respectable defences against attack. BUT you need to do your part and make the attempt. And by getting healthier it is not just hitting the gym. Eat better. I am not going to promote one diet over the other. But I will say the majority of preppers pack away the carbs in 55 gallon drums. Store the foods you and your family LIKE to eat. That way you’re one step closer to eating better. Forget the USDA Food pyramid. It is a JOKE.

Supplements. In my professional opinion, (and I can have one I am a medical professional!) The things that most supplements do is pad the wallet of the person selling them. FOR ME AND MY FAMILY we dont take vitamin supplements. We eat a good enough diet that we really have no shortages. Now one thing I can say that I have seen work is colloidal silver. We use it on a daily basis, and I have trusted friends that take it. And we do not catch as many colds nor flus as most of the people who don’t use it. That being said read the disclaimer at the end of each news letter.

Also it needs to be made correctly. On our website there is a link called Colloidal Silver, TMS Colloidal Silver It details everything about it.

Herbal medicines for viruses Of the thousands of herbs available, I asked our Co Host Cat Ellis what her top antivirals are, and this is the list she gave me.

Chinese skullcap (Scutelaria baicalensis),

Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Licorice (Glycerrhiza glabra)

Each one has great anitviral properties and has studies to back each one.

The thing about treating viruses is to jump on it hard and fast. We as a people wait to long taking OTC meds to mask the virus instead of fighting it. We have the medicines both herbal and chemical. But they wont work if we dont do our part.
First recognize you are getting sick.

Next self isolation to prevent YOU from getting others sick

Choose your medication according to what you have.

Load up on Silver.

Hydrate, Hydrate and did I say HYDRATE?

Rest rest and need I say it again REST.
Those few steps will go a LONG way to helping you recover from a virus attack.

Ebola and MERS are a world away. But they are something we need to be aware of. While it is true a ditch medic can do little to treat ebola, by knowing who is in your group. Know the health of your members. Know who is coming and going. This part is hard for most Americans. New people coming in need to be kept separate from the main body for a minimum of 2 weeks. This is not being inhospitable. It is being SMART. Survival is much more than bullets and beans. The greatest tool we have is the one that rests between our ears. We need to take it out, dust it off and USE IT.



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