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This is the new page of the Medic Shack Shows.

Its a work in progress and they may be out of order and I’ll get them  set to rights as soon as I can


Sunday May 15th Radiation. This week Cat has important home times to care for so its me flying the bedraggled 747 alone. So I get a friend of mine “Doc” Thomas Toups to join me for a 2 part show on Radiation and how it concerns preppers. Enjoy part one


Sunday May 15th Radiation. Part 2 This weeks show had to be split into 2 episodes.  Doc and I go carried away in our discussion on the different forms of radiation and how to decontaminate from them. Enjoy part 2


How to store your medicine. Cat and I discuss how to use both your modern pharmaceuticals and traditional herbal medicines.


Things that go bite in the Bug Out Shelter. What to do if you’re stung or bitten by the few poisonous arachnids in the United States.


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I am currently an Electrophysiology Tech, I work on the electrical system of the heart. I am also past EMT- P, An old combat medic. An Emergency medicine instructor, Wilderness survival instructor, Firearm instructor, prepper, scoutmaster and dad.

I have been in the medical field since 1982. I’ve seen the ravages that bullets will do to a body, and what sickness will do with out the proper training and medications. Currently I am watching how our medical system has been brought to it’s knees by greed and stupidity. I am not a doctor, and cant give medical advice or diagnose.
But I can show you how you can take care of yourself, friends and family.

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