Staying prepared, Training and Moving the Shack

The Medic Shack is moving!!! I have accepted a potion at Alaska Regional Hospital and I start the 23 of October. I will continue with the Webinar series with Cat the Herbal Prepper on our combined course of Wound Care for Austere Environments. (PSSST Look in todays news letter for a discount code!!)

It is hard to leave New Mexico. I have almost 400 years of family in the ground here. But this is an once in a lifetime chance that I have dreamed about since I was a young Spc 4 TDY at Ft Richardson. From an herbalist prospective its is 600,000+ sq miles of medicine and my son Jake (Who has helped me teach for the last 8 years) and I are looking forward to the adventure!
I’ll keep folks updated on the move and when we will be setting up shop in the Anchorage area.

As for the normal blog post you MUST sign up for the news letter to get the discount code the will take 20% off of the posted price of the course:  Wound Care for Austere Environments  Trust me its well worth the subscription!

So wait for the pop up or refresh the page to sign up for our news letter!


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