Radiation and survival medicine.

The idea for this shows comes a little rant I did on last Sundays show. There are two nuclear reactors that are leaking tritium into the ground water and into Biscayne bay. And Radiation has a HUGE place in Survival medicine

The Indian Point plant in New York is leaking tritium in to the ground water. Tritium an isotope of hydrogen and today most commonly found in night sights.

Turkey Point reactor is leaking not only Tritium but isotopes of ammonia and phosphorous. The levels are at this point not dangerous to humans. Yet.

Fukushima Daiichi the plant that melted down in Japan is still leaking radiation in the ground water and ocean. Add in the millions of liters of contaminated water being stored on the site from the continual cooling of the damaged radioactive core.

It’s just a matter of time before our little friends ISIS will

1. Steal or buy a full scale nuclear device.

2. Steal radioactive waste or isotopes from a nuclear medicine program or say the WIPP site in NM.

And detonate it in an American city.

There are ways to protect your self from radiation exposure. The best way is to be no where near a radiation event. Or eat or drink products from a contaminated area, (Shell fish from Biscayne Bay or milk from farms in NY that draw water from contaminated aquifers..

Potassium Iodide. This ONLY protects the thyroid from certain types and sources of radiation. Its not a miracle drug.

Radiation is a serious threat in todays world. One that we need to be aware of and defend against.

Cat Ellis and I are taking the mothers day weekend off. Me to spoil my wife Christine, and Eddie to spoil Cat!

But we will be back next week and talk about radiation prevention and treatment.

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