IV and Wound management at Def Tech Arizona


The Medic Shack Def Tech Trauma class

July 16th and 17the  @Def Tech Arizona! 3 classes 2 days

Intravenous Management Class.

This is a 1 day class on proper IV starting and management.
• Identify a proper vein
• Assembly and identify of all equipment.
• Proper insertion of the IV catheter into the vein
• Inserting the tubing to the IV Catheter
• Types and uses of IV Fluids

• Calculation of IV drips, amount of fluid to be given and maximum amount of fluids to give
In this 8 hour course we will bring the knowledge of how determine if someone needs an IV, what type of fluid to give, rater and amount of fluid to give. The hazards of using IV’s and the legal ramifications of an IV.
Oh and how to put it in some one!

Wound Management Class.

This is a 1 day basic wound care and closing class
• Cleaning puncture and lacerations
• Different solutions used to clean a wound
• irrigation and removal of all foreign material
• Using Steri Strips and bandages
• Using staples, glue and sutures to close with.
• How to establish and maintain a sterile field
And Much More!
In this 8 hour course we will bring the knowledge of how to clean and debride a wound prior to closing. We’ll go over the different solutions used for irrigation, to include herbal wound washes.
We’ll also discuss, demonstrate and have you practice the 4 main methods of closing a wound. Bandage/Butterfly. Glue, Staples and of course Suture

And exclusively for Def Tech:

Trauma Management,

Wound care is hard enough, but what about the rest that goes along with wound care and IV care. Exclusive for Def Tech the abbreviated  TMS Trauma Management Class is included for no extra cost.

This will touch on these high lights and will be integrated into the 2 days of class

• Pneumothorax decompression• Controlling Bleeding mechanical and chemical

• Internal hemorrhage control techniques

• Moderate to advanced splinting techniques

• Flail Chest and other high velocity injuries

• Gunshot wound management• Proper dressing application for serious wounds

• Hemotoma management

• Thermal injury management

• C-Spine procedures

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