Is Cholesterol bad for you?

Is Cholesterol bad for you?


At the end of the show last Sunday, a question popped in to the chat room and we were asked, Is cholesterol bad for you?

For 50 years the American Heart Association (AHA) has been preaching the evils of fat and cholesterol. We are loaded down with cholesterol lowering drugs (Statins) and told to eat more whole grains, fruits and synthetic fats, (Margarine). And the country is getting bigger and bigger, more obese every year. So we get told to take MORE statins, eat more breads and grains and it still gets worse.


It’s a problem we have had for decades. In 1955 a man named Ancel Keys, the same man who invented the “K” Rations, did a study of war torn Europe and found a low fat high carb diets led to reduced heart disease.

In 1956 he sold the AHA on the subject and later that year they released the lipid hypothesis. The representatives of the American Heart Association appeared on television to inform people that a diet that included large amounts of butter, lard, eggs and beef would lead to coronary heart disease. By 1976 we were sold as a country on this.

So what the blue blazes has this to do with Survival medicine? A lot. Which we will go over the science and how the American public was brain washed by a man who would not even follow his own food advice.


Our special guest will be Elaine Lynn RN BSN RCIS. Who works with me at the Heart Hospital of NM. She has turned around so many lives, including hers and her husband.


Oh did you all catch a key part of the study in Europe? We’ll talk about that also
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