Combat Medic at Shots Ranch






This is a 4 day 30 hour study and hands on intensive course that teaches you the basics of what to do. This is a modification of the Battle Field Medic Class taught only at Shots Ranch.

June 16th -19th 2016 at Shots Ranch

SHTF. Help is hours or days away. Or none is coming at all. If you do not do something someone WILL die. The Battlefield does not always mean combat. The battlefield is wherever you use the skills you learn here to save a life during an emergency. Ensure that you and those with you come out in top.

• Anatomy and Physiology Critical damage area• Head/Brain, Neck and Spinal Injuries

• Heat and cold -Related Emergencies

• Hypothermia

• Allergies and Anaphylaxis

• Burns • Bone and Joint Injuries

• Wounds and Wound Infection

• Airway management using different tools and techniques

• Identify and manage chest wounds. Flailed Chest

• Disaster Orthopedics Splinting

• Herbal and alternative options to common medications• Shock Treatment

• Wound management and closure, Suture Staples and Glue

• Cleaning of wounds (How to do a sterile job in the field)

• Controlling bleeding:Pressure Points, Direct Pressure, Chemical and Herbal clot accelerators, tourniquet

• IV starting, management and fluid calculations

•Hands only CPR/AED Certification *NEW

Wilderness First Aid Certification *NEW

•Outdoor portion. This where it all comes together. Shots Ranch Exclusive

We introduced the art of using Herbal Medicine and Emergency medicine as one discipline Our thought is that WalMart will not always be there to refill your medic bag and nature will always be available. Our new CPR, AED and Wilderness First Aid are Nationally Certified by ESCI


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