Category: Herbal Medicine

Herbal Primer

        Herbal Primer. Saturday , March 26th. 11 am to 6pm. The Medic Shack Herbal Primer Class is designed to introduce students to the vast world of [ … ]

Do you even Herbal Bro?

Do you even Herbal Bro? There are some that will catch that reference. There are a lot that practice herbal medicine, those that are good at it. Those that struggle [ … ]

Mental Health SHTF

Mental Health when SHTF.   Things are already pretty bad. Emotions are on edge with the economy and the uncertainty that we all go thru.   Now add in the [ … ]

New Certification!

Some big changes are coming to the Medic Shack courses and new additions. I am now certified to teach and Certify people as Wilderness First Aid through Emergency Care & [ … ]

Ear Nose and Throat

ENT and no not the Ent’s from Lord of The Rings The ENT system consists of the Ear, Nose and Throat. For the most part the system works great. But [ … ]