The Basics of Herbal Medicine WEBINAR

FirstAidThis class is being moved to a online webinar. That way we can teach more people at a lower cost. Hope folks like the format! The Live and In Person class was 75 bucks. We’re doing this class for $40.00


The Basics of Herbal Medicine.

For centuries, no, millennia humans have used plants to treat illness. Even today a goodly portion of our modern pharmacopoeia comes from plants

This is a one day (@6-7 hour) class where the basics of herbal medicine are taught. We’ll go over the basics of what to use, what is safe to use what is NOT safe and what can react with what modern drugs. The common misconception of herbal medicine is that it is safe compared to modern drugs. That is so far from the truth!

Topics to be covered:

• Herbal theory
• Introduction to making Tinctures and Herbal teas
• Colloidal silverimages• Pain control
• Herbal clot accelerators,
• Bites, burns and Skin irritations
• Respiratory and Allergens
• Equipment and safety considerations

• Anti-microbial and Anti-viral

There are people out there that claim their “proprietary blend of herbs and oils” will cure everything from Ebola to Halitosis. Nothing can be further from the truth and it gives herbal medicine a bad name. A lot of our modern pharmacy comes from plants. Even modern drugs like Tamaflu. We’ll cover all that and more. We are going spend a bit of time on viruses. And how to give yourself some protection.

The equipment can be as extensive and expensive as you want,  or as basic to fit in a knapsack.
Well Prior to the class,  I’ll have class materials, suggested list of equipment (The book listed below is STRONGLY recommended) out ASAP Tentative class start time will be 1600 hours (4pm) EDT Class will run  about an hour and a half or so. This is to make sure everyone has time to ask questions and get them answered. 

I really recommend this book I use it as a desk reference and it is one of the best and most affordable books on this topic.










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